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Title: Don't Get Dead
Characters: Ansley Hawke, Lorelei Cousland
Type: Gen
Words: 1826
Notes: Because I have a weakness for ladies looking out for each other and I wanted to see what Ansley and Lorelei could be like at Ostagar. This is totally (to borrow a phrase from ren) AO1 material.
Summary: Somewhat experienced Ansley Hawke offers a little advice and food to Lorelei Cousland during a brief encounter before the battle of Ostagar.

The ruins at Ostagar were unlike anything Lorelei had ever seen. )
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Title: No One
Characters: Sebastian Vael; Cullen & Aveline in passing
Type: Gen
Words: 588
Notes: I completely forgot about this--Something I sketched out in April of last year, probably on a lunch break. A slightly belated addition to my sparse 2015 retrospective.
Summary: Sebastian tries to aid Kirkwall post-explosion.

Read more... )
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Title: Loyalty
Characters: Cassandra Pentaghast, Rhiannon Hawke
Type: Gen, Banter
Words: 772
Notes: Cleaning out some WIPs and drafts that never went anywhere else. To be fair, I think there's more that could be done here, and I'd like to explore more Rhi and Cass, but I actually liked this one on the re-read.
Summary: Hawke and Cassandra finally meet.

Read more... )
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Title: In the Cold
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Relationship pacing/exploration, unfinished/abandoned
Words: 1153
Notes: I actually started this back in December, over my Christmas break from hell and shortly after my first PT with Melisande, but I kept picking at it until May this year. I never finished it, and ideas started to shift a little after I started a new game with her, but I'm posting it to get it out of my head so I can move forward with those other ideas.
Summary: Cullen and the Inquisitor share a conversation in the Frostback Mountains.

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Title: The Game
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Michel de Chevin
Type: MM, rare pair prompt, flash
Words: 530
Notes: Prompted for CPW's Rare Pair: Cullen/Michel - Political games at the Winter Palace
Summary: Cullen and Michel share a strategic drink at the Winter Palace.

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Title: Unburden
Characters: Cullen, Rhiannon Hawke
Type: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, OTP Affirmation, Curl Appreciation
Words: 1426
Notes: Cross-post from AO3. Inspired by Reunion. Also kind of a subtle f-you to some neo-Cullenite nonsense.
Summary: Hawke washes Cullen's hair.

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Title: Sugar & Cream
Characters: Cullen, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Fluff, Gen, Friendship, One Shot
Words: 449
Notes: Started off as a part of drabbles/one-shots I was writing to explore Cullen and Inquisitor's relationship during Haven. Then, as I was suffering through horrible office coffee, I thought about sweet-tooth Cullen. Also I hate titling things don't look at me.
Summary: Cullen tries coffee.

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Title: Sway
Characters: Marian Hawke, Sebastian Vael
Type: Angst, Comfort, Forbidden Attraction
Words: 1321
Notes: For this prompt: 22 [slow dancing] Hawke/Sabastian?
Summary: Hawke finds comfort in dancing with Sebastian.

Hawke's disdain for Hightown's extravagant parties had dwindled since her mother's brutal passing. )
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Title: (Untitled)
Characters: Blackwall, Keagan Trevelyan (mage)
Type: Post-Battle Healing, Flirting, One Shot, WIP (?)
Words: 778
Notes: I had fun watching Keagan flirting with all her companions before Cullen expressed interest. Blackwall kind of got stuck in my head.
Summary: Blackwall and Keagan spend some quality time recovering from fighting darkspawn.

Keagan groaned as she pressed her forearm into the damp grass, slowly twisting her body to find leverage on her knees. Her head was throbbing, and she winced when she brought her fingers to her tender cheek. The hit from the hurlock's shield was apparently enough to break skin. )
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Title: Vigilant
Type: Friendship, Slight Angst
Words: 1320
Notes: First draft with minimal edits. I've always liked the idea of Circle!Bethany and Cullen cautiously exploring friendship, maybe with a slight undercurrent of attraction. Also written with the prompt re: formal wear, but kind of strayed from that.
Summary: Cullen and Bethany watch templars. [No spoilers.]

All templars took vigil before receiving their arms. )
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Title: Mages in the Chantry
Type: Gen, Religious Banter
Words: 503
Notes: Lunchtime one-shot from August. I was kind of hung-up on Rhiannon and Cullen talking religion. Might explore the topic more in-depth later.
Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon Hawke talk about the Chant of Light.

Rhiannon knelt before the life-sized statue of a golden Andraste. )
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Title: Spilled Sovereigns
Type: Gen
Words: 736
Notes: Just an exploration of a mage Hawke's work and mindset while under Athenril with a brief appearance of a certain Knight-Capain.
Summary: Rhiannon Hawke and Knight-Captain Cullen have a brief run-in during Year One.

“Stop your stallin’, Fereldan. Athenril wants this shipment delivered by noon!” )
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Title: The Gallows
Characters: Rhiannon Hawke
Type: The Gallows, Circle of Magi, Templars, Fear, Imprisonment, Trust, One-Shot
Words: 949
Notes: This was actually initially inspired by a prompt about hallways. I guess I decided hallways and Templar Hall are close enough? Idk. Drunk writing that embarrasses me (kind of), but I also still like? IDK. Keeping it here and taking it off AO3. This piece makes me feel weird as any kind of completed work, but I like some of the ideas. idkidkidk lots of idk
Summary: Hawke's various reactions to the Gallows.

The first time Rhiannon Hawke arrived at the Gallows, she was certain she’d hurl. )
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Title: Fair Match
Type: Friendship, Gen, Fluff
Words: 756
Notes: Ripped Fereldan ladies need to arm wrestle. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
Summary: Rhiannon Hawke and Aveline arm wrestle.

Read more... )
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Title: Try Harder
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Unresolved Romantic Tension, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1205
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Alistair and Lorelei Cousland bond during a night in the Warden's Keep.

Lorelei's jade eyes flashed open, hearing commotion coming from the larder down the hall. )
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Title: Not Alone
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Hurt/Comfort, Drinking & Talking
Words: 778
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Alistair tries to console Lady Cousland.

“I would have never pegged you as much of a drinker.” )
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Title: Worse Ways to Spend a Night
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Unresolved Romantic Tension, Post-Battle Healing, Drinking & Talking
Words: 970
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Lady Cousland helps tend to Alistair's post battle-wounds.

Arms crossed, Lorelei stared at Alistair as he began unbuckling the straps that held his chest plate to his torso. )


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