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Title: Cheater
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Double drabble exercise
Words: 200
Notes: Little bit of fluffy banter between Cullen and Melisande, inspired by the chess scene and thinking about ways to pace the development of their relationship.
Summary: Cullen and the Inquisitor play chess.
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Title: A Tear in the Veil
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Unspecified Trevelyan
Type: Drabble exercises
Words: 500
Notes: Just moving a pre-DAI release drabble series from AO3 over here. Had been some of my early development/speculation for my first Inquisitor. Kind of unfinished, I suppose, but there was never really a plot or any intent to "finish" a story.
Summary: Varies per 100 words.

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Title: Captured
Type: Fluff
Words: 190
Notes: Bit of silliness inspired by a prompt from this generator (characters get handcuffed together)
Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon get captured.

Rhiannon glared at the iron shackle constricting her wrist. )
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Title: Strategy
Type: Gen
Words: 498
Notes: Early brainstorming about the a potential dynamic between Cullen and Trevelyan; written before I knew what role either really had in the Inquisition. Early shots of a keep in the Western Approach had me thinking Skyhold would be in the desert.
Summary: Cullen and Melisande Trevelyan talk strategy. [no spoilers; early DAI speculation]

Melisande Trevelyan stalled mid-step when she slunk by the war room. )
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Title: Circle Life
Type: Friendship, Banter
Words: 286
Notes: Nothing much. Just a drabble after musing on what the day-to-day would be like in Ferelden's Circle.
Summary: Jowan and Karina Amell talk about Circle life. [No spoilers.]

Karina picked at the bread on the wooden plate before her, hazel eyes distant as her fingers worked through the stale loaf. )
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Title: Ferelden
Type: Gen, Nostalgia
Words: 315
Notes: One of many little conversations that popped into my head while I was deep in Cullen x Hawke feels.
Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon talk about Ferelden.

Rhiannon Hawke sighed and wrapped her forearms around her shins, drawing her knees to her chin. )


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