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I've been musing on Daphne and how she'll respond to the companions in Awakening. A lot of this could change when I actually play with her--Having her respond directly and in the moment could spark new or dormant ideas--But I wanted to get some stuff out while it was in my head.

I've also been thinking on her background some more. I'm kind of thinking she was a part of a mercenary group before getting recruited into the Wardens, which would give her prime opportunity to do something illegal/unethical/immoral. I also did some wiki-browsing at lunch, and ended up on Riordan's page; the excerpt from his toolset description piqued my interest:

He is a serious man, and a soldier; one who is accustomed to discipline and used to being in a position of leadership. If circumstances were different, he would be the center of this story, not the Warden, and the one leading the charge against the forces of evil. He is a hero, and one who is determined to do his duty no matter the consequences. In order to stop the darkspawn, some things must be sacrificed, even lives—but he would prefer to give his own life before he sacrifices someone else's.

Not sure that I'll do anything with that info for the time being, but something about it grabbed my attention so I'm leaving it here for safekeeping.

So on to the companions!

Mhiari - Daphne would see her as naïve and idealistic about the Wardens. Being a senior ranked Warden has definitely jaded her about the organization, and her own background means she doesn't have any illusions about the type of people in their ranks. To Daphne, Wardens are necessary, but they aren't heroes.

Anders - She's going be pretty devoted to Andrastianism, so I think they're going to clash there. One thing that interests me is how "ordinary" people respond to the Chantry--I think it'd be a lot of fun to see how someone from very humble means might react to magic (one of the things I really liked about Sera, actually) and how her time in the Wardens might shift some of those ideas. I think she'll be sympathetic to all people joining the Wardens as a means of atonement or finding purpose, but that's not Anders. She might give him up to the templars.

Nathaniel - Daphne has issues with nobility just on principal, and she'll probably find Nathaniel a little whiny at first. I could see her warming up to him, though, as he finds footing in the Wardens.

Sigrun - I'm holding off until they meet in game--I adore Sigrun and I don't want to let that bias determine anything too soon. I think they could find some common ground, but Sigrun might be too cheery for Daphne.

Velanna - And where Sigrun might be too cheery, Velanna will probably be too hostile. There's some stuff I'd like to research more regarding Orlesian and Dalish relations in general, but I'm thinking they'll probably butt heads. (Although purely from a gameplay standpoint, I'm gonna need at least one mage... I'm not sure who would be more palatable to her yet.)

Oghren - Daphne would think he's gross, but might have a little sympathy towards his family issues and/or alcoholism. Since he was with the HoF during the Fifth Blight, she'd probably keep around just for posterity.

Justice - I have no idea. I don't remember a ton about his character, honestly, so I'll need to experience him again in-game. Gut reaction is that she'd basically react to him the way Vivienne reacts to Cole, but that is definitely to be decided.
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oh my god you guys

you guys

I've been craving for some rare pair DA couples, and yesterday I randomly got nostalgic for my Caron (Orlesian Warden Commander in Awakening). I never really fleshed her out, but I remember liking her face and generally being interested by the politics of an Orlesian commander in Ferelden under Anora's rule aw yiss.

I was musing on her during my lunch break, and had a "lol how could you ship her with Cullen" moment because my weaknesses run deep, y'all.

but then


F!Caron x Bethany Hawke

Oh my god, oh my god oh my god

oh my god
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This post got me thinking about what I want to do fic-wise for Cullen week. I've got quite a few one-shots in progress with Cullen that I want to try to wrap up for Cullen Week. I also want to write a few new things for it as well.

DAO - No idea! I've always had a hard time writing DAO-era Cullen to my satisfaction. I'm kind of leaning towards buddy fic with my Surana, but I keep defaulting to playing chess so I need to brainstorm for something a little different. Other templars looking at dirty books about sexytimes magic hiding in the library and making Cullen blush. Or something. I'm sure that's been done, too.

DA2 - Too many ideas! I do want to give my Beth/Cullen one-shot a proper re-write for this week, but I might save that for Cullen + Friends day. I also have an early Act 3, convo with Queen Cousland about Meredith one-shot that could fit, but I think I'll save that for Cullen at Work Day since its largely focused on his responsibilities as KC. I think I just need to start narrowing down some ideas.

DAI - Idk. Might sit this day out as far as fic goes, unless I can think of something that really grabs me. I think I'm still a little soured by certain behaviors in the fandom (a weird combo of Cullenites/Cullen 3.0 fandom and backlash to CPW) so I'd need to find something to really make it my own. Cullen goes ice-fishing by himself at Haven and he's terrible at it and partially falls in but he otherwise enjoys it and the quiet. OR SOMETHING.

Cullen at Work - More than likely my Couscous convo one-shot

Cullen Rare Pair/OT3 - I want to finish my Cullen x Josie smooch painting, actually, so I don't know if I'll have a fic for this day, but I'm not closing it off completely. I could do something with Keagan/Josie/Cullen or Cullen/Warden!Beth/Warden!Alistair. Probably wouldn't go smut, though. I've realized for as much as I enjoy thinking about smut ideas and reading smut, writing smut is not very enjoyable for me.

Cullen + Friends: Taking a shortcut and doing my Circle!Beth and Cullen one-shot rewrite.

Cullen + Family: I have a childfree ficlet in works with Cullen and Melisande that I plan on wrapping up. Maybe something with Mia. We've only had little snippets about who she is, but I feel like I strongly identify with her wrt the older sister thing.
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Rhiannon is on the brain. Just rambling/attempting to organize some thoughts about her life from about a year prior to Kirkwall up to Inquisition. Roughly organized by year. Not all of this is necessarily stuff I want to write in fic-form and a lot of stuff in Acts 2 & 3 are yet to be developed, but just wanted to get the ideas down.

9:29-30 Dragon [Hot Mess] )

9:30-31 Dragon [Athrenil & Anders] )

9:31 Dragon [Act 1 & Deep Roads] )

9:31-34 Dragon [MotA, Legacy, Other Things] )

9:34 Dragon [Act 2] )

9:34-37 Dragon [Between Act 2 & 3] )

9:37 Dragon [Act 3] )

9:37-41 Dragon [Between DA2 & DAI] )

9:41 Dragon [DAI] )
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Title: The Gallows
Characters: Rhiannon Hawke
Type: The Gallows, Circle of Magi, Templars, Fear, Imprisonment, Trust, One-Shot
Words: 949
Notes: This was actually initially inspired by a prompt about hallways. I guess I decided hallways and Templar Hall are close enough? Idk. Drunk writing that embarrasses me (kind of), but I also still like? IDK. Keeping it here and taking it off AO3. This piece makes me feel weird as any kind of completed work, but I like some of the ideas. idkidkidk lots of idk
Summary: Hawke's various reactions to the Gallows.

The first time Rhiannon Hawke arrived at the Gallows, she was certain she’d hurl. )
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Title: Blond Men
Characters: Rhiannon Hawke, Anders
Type: Unrequited Attraction, Jealousy, Character Study, Ficlet
Words: 637
Notes: More drunk writing I like and hate at the same time. Mostly an exercise for getting more into Rhiannon's relationship history.
Summary: Rhiannon Hawke liked blond men. And maybe she was a little lonely.

Rhiannon Hawke liked blond men. )


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