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LIKE IT SAYS (no Trespasser spoilers)

Actually, first I need to gush over the new clothing options in Skyhold. I like all of the outerwear options, but these two especially:

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My vacation is officially over, so back to work tomorrow. This week went by way too fast.
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Title: In the Cold
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Relationship pacing/exploration, unfinished/abandoned
Words: 1153
Notes: I actually started this back in December, over my Christmas break from hell and shortly after my first PT with Melisande, but I kept picking at it until May this year. I never finished it, and ideas started to shift a little after I started a new game with her, but I'm posting it to get it out of my head so I can move forward with those other ideas.
Summary: Cullen and the Inquisitor share a conversation in the Frostback Mountains.

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I still haven't done Adamant so I still haven't had the serious lyrium convo with Cullen, which means he and Melisande are not official in-game yet. But I can't talk to him about anything else and I am weak and I keep seeing that little heart option pop up so I was like "Might as well play with the new flycam." >.>

The pause feature is really nice, but a little imprecise. If you pause while a character is talking, they will continue to talk (with lip movement and facial animations) until they finish whatever line they were saying. Pausing can also remove the facial animation in a few situations. Cullen isn't saying or emoting anything here; it's just the difference between pausing the flycam and the natural delay caused by waiting on the player to select a dialogue option:

I'm not sure if pausing the game mid-scene just allowed me to catch characters jumping around more easily, or if it somehow produced that effect. Jim consoling Cullen happened when I paused the scene during Jim's entrance, which I hadn't seen while flycamming before.

So! For some of the sweet/sexy/generally romantic bits I captured during the first kiss and the woo break kiss:
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Shots that have potential but the clipping was a little too much or the positions were just off enough to make it weird instead of sweet:
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And the best part, the outtakes:
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Jul. 15th, 2015 10:06 pm
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This scene is so much fun to flycam in bc you really never know who will pop up where. Cullen pretty consistently ends up underneath his opponent's chair or laying seductively across the chess table. However, when it doesn't go awry, we get these gems:

And I


like the way she's leaning back all cool and suave and shit, and he's leaning forward, all clearly interested and engaged. Yaaasssss. <3333
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Title: Cheater
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Double drabble exercise
Words: 200
Notes: Little bit of fluffy banter between Cullen and Melisande, inspired by the chess scene and thinking about ways to pace the development of their relationship.
Summary: Cullen and the Inquisitor play chess.
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Title: Sugar & Cream
Characters: Cullen, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Fluff, Gen, Friendship, One Shot
Words: 449
Notes: Started off as a part of drabbles/one-shots I was writing to explore Cullen and Inquisitor's relationship during Haven. Then, as I was suffering through horrible office coffee, I thought about sweet-tooth Cullen. Also I hate titling things don't look at me.
Summary: Cullen tries coffee.

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Title: A Tear in the Veil
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Unspecified Trevelyan
Type: Drabble exercises
Words: 500
Notes: Just moving a pre-DAI release drabble series from AO3 over here. Had been some of my early development/speculation for my first Inquisitor. Kind of unfinished, I suppose, but there was never really a plot or any intent to "finish" a story.
Summary: Varies per 100 words.

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