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i started writing a hawke/cullen reunite in skyhold thingy today

and i made myself really sad thinking about them professing their love right before adamant and hawke gives him her red sash and then she gets left in the fade



i hate sad shit i hate it so much

but after i pushed the sad aside i was thinking about how fun it'd be to build their post-da2 relationship, with hawke as an agent of the inquisition or something

they're some thoughts that have been brewing for a while, but i figured now would be a great time to start writing them down because i don't have a billion other things, creative or otherwise, that need my attention

anything for cullen x hawke, i suppose ♥
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Title: Unburden
Characters: Cullen, Rhiannon Hawke
Type: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, OTP Affirmation, Curl Appreciation
Words: 1426
Notes: Cross-post from AO3. Inspired by Reunion. Also kind of a subtle f-you to some neo-Cullenite nonsense.
Summary: Hawke washes Cullen's hair.

Read more... )
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Cleaning out some Evernote files again, and found the link to this listing of prompt generators. These were specifically from the mini scenario one:

  • Hawke helping Cullen with chores.

  • Cullen and Hawke in hand to hand combat.

  • Cullen and Hawke meet when Cullen finds Hawke's lost pet.

  • Hawke is about to do something stupid. Cullen does not think this is a good idea.[FAVE. Honestly this is perfect as is.]

  • Cullen giving Hawke a piggy back ride.

  • Hawke and Cullen meet during the zombie apocalypse. Cullen needs Hawke's help.

  • Hawke is under a terrible curse. Cullen knows how to cure it.

  • Hawke has something that Cullen desperately wants or needs. Hawke won't give it up easily.

  • Cullen with a hangover, but Hawke is feeling fine.

  • Hawke and Cullen go to a bar. Cullen gets too drunk and Hawke has to take them home.

  • Cullen and Hawke going to an event that requires formal attire.
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    Rhiannon is on the brain. Just rambling/attempting to organize some thoughts about her life from about a year prior to Kirkwall up to Inquisition. Roughly organized by year. Not all of this is necessarily stuff I want to write in fic-form and a lot of stuff in Acts 2 & 3 are yet to be developed, but just wanted to get the ideas down.

    9:29-30 Dragon [Hot Mess] )

    9:30-31 Dragon [Athrenil & Anders] )

    9:31 Dragon [Act 1 & Deep Roads] )

    9:31-34 Dragon [MotA, Legacy, Other Things] )

    9:34 Dragon [Act 2] )

    9:34-37 Dragon [Between Act 2 & 3] )

    9:37 Dragon [Act 3] )

    9:37-41 Dragon [Between DA2 & DAI] )

    9:41 Dragon [DAI] )
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    Title: Captured
    Type: Fluff
    Words: 190
    Notes: Bit of silliness inspired by a prompt from this generator (characters get handcuffed together)
    Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon get captured.

    Rhiannon glared at the iron shackle constricting her wrist. )
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    Title: Mages in the Chantry
    Type: Gen, Religious Banter
    Words: 503
    Notes: Lunchtime one-shot from August. I was kind of hung-up on Rhiannon and Cullen talking religion. Might explore the topic more in-depth later.
    Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon Hawke talk about the Chant of Light.

    Rhiannon knelt before the life-sized statue of a golden Andraste. )
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    Title: Spilled Sovereigns
    Type: Gen
    Words: 736
    Notes: Just an exploration of a mage Hawke's work and mindset while under Athenril with a brief appearance of a certain Knight-Capain.
    Summary: Rhiannon Hawke and Knight-Captain Cullen have a brief run-in during Year One.

    “Stop your stallin’, Fereldan. Athenril wants this shipment delivered by noon!” )


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