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Title: Untitled
Characters: Rhiannon Hawke, Cullen
Type: Gen
Words: 631
Notes: Some unfinished exploratory/speculative writing from Rhi's POV immediately following the Chantry boom and her Viscount coronation. I can't remember if this led into me thinking about that time with Sebastian, too, or vice versa, but I was kind of enthralled with that particular scene for a week or so last year.
Summary: Rhiannon tries to cope with the aftermath of the Chantry explosion.

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I kind of let my inbox and reading page pile up over here--I'll probably be playing catch up over the next few days.

In the meantime, I'd just like to re-introduce my bb, Rhiannon Hawke, who has a fresh new face and playthrough:

There is a mod that can give you blond Carver and Bethany, but honestly, the wording on the description ("I wanted my blond Hawke to have a beautiful blonde sister") really skeeved me out so I decided not to download it. Plus I kind of like the idea of Rhiannon not looking like an Amell (who are all dark-haired, including my Warden, in this universe) and taking after her father.

I mentioned this on Tumblr, but BF and I were watching a YouTube review that said DA2 was the worst sequel, and it just made me want to play it again. :)))
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Title: Loyalty
Characters: Cassandra Pentaghast, Rhiannon Hawke
Type: Gen, Banter
Words: 772
Notes: Cleaning out some WIPs and drafts that never went anywhere else. To be fair, I think there's more that could be done here, and I'd like to explore more Rhi and Cass, but I actually liked this one on the re-read.
Summary: Hawke and Cassandra finally meet.

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[personal profile] renegadefolkhero, this one's for you, bb.

Here we have the mage, rogue, and warrior underarmors:

And here we have Hawke deciding which one she wants:

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Title: Unburden
Characters: Cullen, Rhiannon Hawke
Type: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, OTP Affirmation, Curl Appreciation
Words: 1426
Notes: Cross-post from AO3. Inspired by Reunion. Also kind of a subtle f-you to some neo-Cullenite nonsense.
Summary: Hawke washes Cullen's hair.

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Just finished Legacy with Rhiannon. Some reflections, rambling, interesting convos & codices, relevant DAI thoughts, and a few screenshots under the cut:

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I'm playing Legacy with Rhiannon. I named her that on a whim--Just thought it was a pretty name.

Lots of thinky thoughts as I've been going through all the codices and will share more after I finish the run (probably tomorrow night) but I needed to take a moment.

Because one of the floor levels is named after Warden-Commander Riannon, who apparently suggested periodically re-enforcing the seals. Which probably contributed to the Wardens seeking Malcolm out.

Spelling is a little different and Rhi would have been named before Malcolm could have known that (if he ever knew it to begin with), but I had a moment.
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Rhiannon is on the brain. Just rambling/attempting to organize some thoughts about her life from about a year prior to Kirkwall up to Inquisition. Roughly organized by year. Not all of this is necessarily stuff I want to write in fic-form and a lot of stuff in Acts 2 & 3 are yet to be developed, but just wanted to get the ideas down.

9:29-30 Dragon [Hot Mess] )

9:30-31 Dragon [Athrenil & Anders] )

9:31 Dragon [Act 1 & Deep Roads] )

9:31-34 Dragon [MotA, Legacy, Other Things] )

9:34 Dragon [Act 2] )

9:34-37 Dragon [Between Act 2 & 3] )

9:37 Dragon [Act 3] )

9:37-41 Dragon [Between DA2 & DAI] )

9:41 Dragon [DAI] )
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Title: (Untitled)
Type: Angst, Isolation, Family Tension (WIP)
Words: 261
Notes: I had started working on a Lothering/pre-Kirkwall story for my mage Hawke a few months ago, which (d)evolved into thinking about the Hawke family traveling over the Waking Sea. There's a lot between Lothering and the first year of Kirkwall that I want to explore with her.
Summary: The Hawke family sails to Kirkwall.

Rhiannon swallowed, or tried to swallow, but the dry clenching in her throat only burned. )
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Title: Captured
Type: Fluff
Words: 190
Notes: Bit of silliness inspired by a prompt from this generator (characters get handcuffed together)
Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon get captured.

Rhiannon glared at the iron shackle constricting her wrist. )
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Title: Mages in the Chantry
Type: Gen, Religious Banter
Words: 503
Notes: Lunchtime one-shot from August. I was kind of hung-up on Rhiannon and Cullen talking religion. Might explore the topic more in-depth later.
Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon Hawke talk about the Chant of Light.

Rhiannon knelt before the life-sized statue of a golden Andraste. )
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Title: Spilled Sovereigns
Type: Gen
Words: 736
Notes: Just an exploration of a mage Hawke's work and mindset while under Athenril with a brief appearance of a certain Knight-Capain.
Summary: Rhiannon Hawke and Knight-Captain Cullen have a brief run-in during Year One.

“Stop your stallin’, Fereldan. Athenril wants this shipment delivered by noon!” )
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Title: The Gallows
Characters: Rhiannon Hawke
Type: The Gallows, Circle of Magi, Templars, Fear, Imprisonment, Trust, One-Shot
Words: 949
Notes: This was actually initially inspired by a prompt about hallways. I guess I decided hallways and Templar Hall are close enough? Idk. Drunk writing that embarrasses me (kind of), but I also still like? IDK. Keeping it here and taking it off AO3. This piece makes me feel weird as any kind of completed work, but I like some of the ideas. idkidkidk lots of idk
Summary: Hawke's various reactions to the Gallows.

The first time Rhiannon Hawke arrived at the Gallows, she was certain she’d hurl. )
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Title: Ferelden
Type: Gen, Nostalgia
Words: 315
Notes: One of many little conversations that popped into my head while I was deep in Cullen x Hawke feels.
Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon talk about Ferelden.

Rhiannon Hawke sighed and wrapped her forearms around her shins, drawing her knees to her chin. )
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Title: Blond Men
Characters: Rhiannon Hawke, Anders
Type: Unrequited Attraction, Jealousy, Character Study, Ficlet
Words: 637
Notes: More drunk writing I like and hate at the same time. Mostly an exercise for getting more into Rhiannon's relationship history.
Summary: Rhiannon Hawke liked blond men. And maybe she was a little lonely.

Rhiannon Hawke liked blond men. )
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Title: Fair Match
Type: Friendship, Gen, Fluff
Words: 756
Notes: Ripped Fereldan ladies need to arm wrestle. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
Summary: Rhiannon Hawke and Aveline arm wrestle.

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