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Thinking about how positively Keagan responds to attention from Blackwall made me think about how unimpressed Melisande was.

His whole "What? I thought we were building a rapport. *smirk*" thing had Keagan like "heck yeah build a rapport IN MY PANTS" and Melisande like [insert epic dana scully eyeroll gif]. He might have been something new and different and maybe a little intriguingly dangerous to Keagan, but Melisande was pretty sure she knew his type. She was extra unimpressed when he'd try to bait Vivienne into arguments using her hard-earned status as an insult. When he started bringing Josie flowers, Mel was torn between letting her very capable friend handle her own affairs and wanting to be like "STAY.THE.FUCK.AWAY."

Melisande suspected pretty early on, too, that he was hiding something, but she couldn't really pinpoint what exactly. She chalked some of it up to Grey Warden shadiness, since she hadn't dealt with them a lot prior to him but knew they had a reputation for being really secretive. When he was acting like a shady weirdo around Stroud and Hawke, she thought maybe he had done something within the Wardens that he was trying to hide from, but definitely didn't see his secret being that he straight up murdered a family.

One of my favorite snarky Mel moments is when he's telling her about the "You are who you choose to follow/I didn't understand that until know" and she's like "It's pretty obvious, but enjoy your revelation. I guess."

I think he stayed around the slightly higher than neutral approval for her. I remember getting a lot of "slightly disapproves" out of him, but picked up the Warden artifacts while he was around, which probably countered that. I kind of headcanon Blackwall being at least physically attracted to the Inquisitor regardless, and I think that'd be the case with Mel, too. But he'd probably see her overall as condescending and a little too power hungry. Similarly to Vivienne, although not quite as severe.
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I ended up coming across some of those "give me a star and I'll give you OC facts" memes that I had saved from Tumblr. Found some from my Templar Hawke that I never really developed as much as I would have liked; she was the Hawke I ended up using in Keagan's universe. I don't know that I'll revisit her specifically, but I'm hanging on to these in case I can work them in with someone else (like Daphne):

★ Although Malcolm tried to make Rosalyn Hawke comfortable with magic, witnessing a boy not much older than she was turn into an abomination and slaughter his family stayed with her more than Malcolm’s words. Rosalyn never wanted her sister to go to the Circle as it was, but she understood the need for the institution and templars.

★ Rosalyn Hawke never learned how to swim. Malcolm tried teaching her when she was young, but after a traumatic near-drowning experience, she was terrified to get into water that rose past her knees. The journey across the Waking Sea to Kirkwall was extremely nerve-wracking for Rosalyn, as was just walking along the high cliffs of the Wounded Coast.

Also, I saved my original reaction to the concept art that spurred Mel's development:

also, I’ve yet to find the appropriate words to describe my love for that lady inquisitor concept art with the gorgeous flowing hair and amazing hat and swishy coat

I am so seduced by her

I want her

I want to be her

I want her riding a horse and shooting arrows at dragons like the boss she clearly is

I want her to be super serious about that hat. I want Vivienne to try to make fashion suggestions involving decorating the hat but lady inquisitor is having none of it

I want her to wink at her companions when she adjusts her hat

I want her leaning back in a chair and putting her boots up on a table covered in maps and drinking a stein of beer with ser bara warden

I want her to eye-fuck the hell out of Cullen under the brim of her hat

I want her to trade stories with varric and out bullshit his bullshit and eventually they’re just both telling the most outrageous stories and everyone else is just sighing and rolling their eyes






right now

Pretty much all of that is still true or applicable in some way.
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I think next Friday I'm gonna sit down and do some proper edits with bb Mel. I have so many awesome screenshots of her that need some loving.

I shared some of the early attempts of this on Tumblr, but I was pretty much able to re-create the concept art that originally inspired a lot of my ideas for her . The hat and hair clip something fierce in the back, which makes playing her like this for long periods of time not entirely doable for my obsessive ass, but it makes for some awesome screenshots:

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Mar. 10th, 2016 03:12 pm
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I've been working on gathering some photos for a moodboard for the "daydream" prompt over at [community profile] playersofthedas. Found some nice stuff for Mel so far--Some tasty food, pretty scenery, puppy + boyfriend snuggles, etc.

I was brainstorming what else she might zone out thinking about, and I realized that Mel is one of the things that I (more or less) daydream about. Then it got me wondering if she'd have fictional characters she turn to in need of entertainment or happy times. An OC for Hard in Hightown or something, ha.
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I started playing DAI again this weekend because I missed Melisande. Also found some new and exiting mods, and I'm thinking I might go with this for the Trespasser look.

When I finally get there, anyway. I always get in this loop of wanting to see my fave PC's story finished and not wanting it to end. Tentative plan is that I'm going to completionist everything up to the end of the base game, then use JoH and Descent to fill in the year gap, and then do Trespasser. Only thing that's kinda making me want to do JoH and Descent before I kill Corypheus is the ability to talk to my companions (kiss Cullen) during Skyhold visits.

So, anyway. Last night I recruited Loranil (YOURE WELCOME FOR THAT FUCKING GOLDEN HALLA stupid fuckin thing was about to be added to my collection of crafting materials what an obnoxious side quest), and Cullen notes at the war table that he's extremely eager. His tone seems kind of put-off by it, and Leliana quickly jumps in to say that the Dalish are very knowledgeable and they should be happy to have him on board.

It's not on the wiki page and I didn't see anything about it on Tumblr, but I'm wondering if he is/becomes one of Solas' agents? Loranil works under Cullen, so that'd give Solas additional insight to the Inquisition's military. I also wonder if Leliana suspected that he might be up to something but wanted to keep him close as a means of keeping an eye on him? Because her tone seemed less sincerely honored and more like "stfu Cullen we need to keep him close."
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Doing some lunchtime researching/brainstorming:

Grand Duchess Melisande de Chalons (née Valmont):
  • Youngest daughter of Emperor Judicael I
  • She was consistently passed over as a potential ruler because of her older brothers
  • She favored Gaspard and really wanted him to take the throne; she raised Florianne basically as a tool to help him get there

    She probably wasn't a person that anyone would want to name their babby after, and House Valmont is a little more high profile than I want for Melisande's father. So I might just have to leave this as a fun coincidence.

    Also interesting: the Campana family in Rivain & Antiva apparently shares some blood with the Valmonts. Queen Asha Campana apparently wed off a lot of children and grandchildren, so their bloodline is really spread out across Thedas.

    I'm kind of thinking maybe the Orlesian influence comes from Melisande's maternal grandfather, and her father is Antivan/Rivaini.

    Also, so I don't have to keep going back to the wiki which always freezes up my work PC:

    Known Members of House Trevelyan:
    ◾ Lucille - Great-aunt of the human Inquisitor
    ◾ Bann Trevelyan - Father Mother of the human Inquisitor
    ◾ Lady Osher Lotharn Trevelyan Bayart - A cousin of the human Inquisitor
    ◾ Lord Albrecht - A distant relative of the human Inquisitor
    ◾ Philliam Bernard Aloicious Trevelyan, better known as Philliam, a Bard[1]
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    So I'm working on some details of Melisande's family history so I can put together her character sheet.

    I'm very tempted to break the rules and say in Ostwick the surname is passed maternally, so her mother is the birth Trevelyan and her father came from somewhere else. In fact, I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I can use the open-ended-ness of Ostwick to "correct" things that bug me in Southern Thedas.

    I do want her father to be from another noble family, preferably outside of Ostwick. I know canonically the Trevelyan family has distant relationships with Tevinter and Nevarra, so I could work off that. Nevarra in particular is kind of sticking out to me.

    Melisande and all her sisters have French/Orlesian names, too. They were all conceived when I thought the Inquisitor might be Orlesian,* but I like all the names so they stuck. Maybe they have some relation to a minor Orlesian house or something.

    * Orlesian commoner, actually. Which reminds me of the ghost of an idea I've had for an OC from Emprise du Lion.

    Did a little wiki browsing, and here are a couple of family names and characters that have piqued my interest:

  • Van Markham (from Nevarra)
  • Possible descendant of Madrigal or Asha Campana (from Antiva)
  • Michel Lafaille (from Orlais, but ruled Kirkwall)


    Florianne's and Gaspard's mother was named Melisande, too.

    bioware y u copy me

    Okay, so maybe I could do something with the de Chalons line. Hmmmm.

    Also, I did find this character sheet that has some good questions for character development and whatnot. Still looking around for more questionnaires and whatnot.
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    LIKE IT SAYS (no Trespasser spoilers)

    Actually, first I need to gush over the new clothing options in Skyhold. I like all of the outerwear options, but these two especially:

    Read more... )

    My vacation is officially over, so back to work tomorrow. This week went by way too fast.
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    So I had a thought last night as I was drifting off.

    I've been wanting to flesh out Mel's backstory for a while now, especially as a means of making her feel more woven into this particular universe. A lot of the original, pre-game ideas I had ended up being scrapped with the nobility background (human commoner next game, pls, Bioware)--I'm not a hardcore stickler for canon, but I do like to try to work within certain parameters that we're given when it comes to the origin stories. So the Trevelyans as a noble house sticks.

    Dialogue with Josie and a Trevelyan can suggest that they might have met in passing once or twice at a fancy Free Marcher party.

    Yanno who else is Free Marcher nobility?

    Prince Sebastian Vael

    Yanno who are both the third and youngest child in their family?

    Sebastian and Melisande

    (OMG, and fucking archers. Melisande does not have a super special bow from her grandfather, though. She just likes shooting things. She goes hunting a lot. That's how I justify fennec fox deaths.)

    As for what I want to do with that information, I'm not entirely sure at the moment. And I need to dig a little into timeline stuff.

    Current rambling thoughts:
  • They have a quick bond over their positions when they're younger
  • Sebastian finds comfort in the Chantry; Melisande absolutely does not
  • Archery competition? Could be some fancy noble get together, could be two noble brats sneaking away to something less formal
  • Sebastian would be around his wooing ladies (and men pls come on, Bioware) and sleeping around phase--Tries to woo her? They have casual sex? Melisande rejects him? Play around with the Sleeps with Everyone But You trope?
  • Adventures of spoiled brats with legit family issues bonding over debauchery

    Hawke (Saura) in this universe let Anders live, too, so there could be room for some interesting ramifications when it comes to Sebastian invading Kirkwall in DAI. I kind of wanted the opportunity to make that more nuanced--Sebastian could be reaching out to the Inquisition as a personal favor if he and Melisande had any kind of past.
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    Title: In the Cold
    Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Melisande Trevelyan
    Type: Relationship pacing/exploration, unfinished/abandoned
    Words: 1153
    Notes: I actually started this back in December, over my Christmas break from hell and shortly after my first PT with Melisande, but I kept picking at it until May this year. I never finished it, and ideas started to shift a little after I started a new game with her, but I'm posting it to get it out of my head so I can move forward with those other ideas.
    Summary: Cullen and the Inquisitor share a conversation in the Frostback Mountains.

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    I figure Ostwick is a lot warmer than Ferelden and Orlais, so Melisande isn't especially fond of the cold. Emprise du Lion in particular sucks for her.

    Luckily, the Inquisition's Avvar allies gave her some warm clothes to bundle up in.

    Screenshots )

    Tinting the armor was a bit of a challenge, but we'll say she's going with the white-ish fur to hide better in the snow. Or something.

    I like how bulky she looks in it. <3
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    I still haven't done Adamant so I still haven't had the serious lyrium convo with Cullen, which means he and Melisande are not official in-game yet. But I can't talk to him about anything else and I am weak and I keep seeing that little heart option pop up so I was like "Might as well play with the new flycam." >.>

    The pause feature is really nice, but a little imprecise. If you pause while a character is talking, they will continue to talk (with lip movement and facial animations) until they finish whatever line they were saying. Pausing can also remove the facial animation in a few situations. Cullen isn't saying or emoting anything here; it's just the difference between pausing the flycam and the natural delay caused by waiting on the player to select a dialogue option:

    I'm not sure if pausing the game mid-scene just allowed me to catch characters jumping around more easily, or if it somehow produced that effect. Jim consoling Cullen happened when I paused the scene during Jim's entrance, which I hadn't seen while flycamming before.

    So! For some of the sweet/sexy/generally romantic bits I captured during the first kiss and the woo break kiss:
    Read more... )

    Shots that have potential but the clipping was a little too much or the positions were just off enough to make it weird instead of sweet:
    Read more... )

    And the best part, the outtakes:
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    and i don't think i'm over the fact that cullen makes the BJ hand-over-crotch gesture (complete with loose hips for um. anyway) when he tells the inquisitor "i can't say i haven't wondered what it'd be like"

    like where is this frat boy shit coming from cullen get it together

    (i'm guessing maybe since him grabbing the hilt of his sword is a part of his idle animation that this was like a reduced way of animating that, but u can't hide from the flycam)

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    i rly like how she got all up in his way when he tried to leave

    dont fuck with josie, guy!!!! (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    more face shots bc i can:

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    Jul. 15th, 2015 10:06 pm
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    This scene is so much fun to flycam in bc you really never know who will pop up where. Cullen pretty consistently ends up underneath his opponent's chair or laying seductively across the chess table. However, when it doesn't go awry, we get these gems:

    And I


    like the way she's leaning back all cool and suave and shit, and he's leaning forward, all clearly interested and engaged. Yaaasssss. <3333
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    I still have plans to write my child-free Cullen x Quiz ficlet today, but it'd been almost a month since I had done anything with her. So I decided to check for some new mods and play about a little, find her voice and some inspiration.

    Came across this PJ retexture, which I'm really liking. There are about 5 different options at the link; this one is the studded leather one. Most of them are only available for female humans, but there is a Qunari option as well.

    The hair I actually got a while back. I was trying to find a link for it, but it looks like the creator removed it (sideswept hair).

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    I got very tired of my Inquisitors being in their beige PJs during all my Skyhold screenshots/video adventures, so I finally got around to looking into the current mods available for DAI.

    DAI Mod Manager is very easy to use.

    I got the eyebrow re-texture, which I've been very pleased with. I chose Melisande's eyebrows because I liked how dark they were, but they did tend to make her look very pouty and sad in a lot of shots. She looks more rawr now. The replacement is a little too light (can't wait for this in-game CC), but otherwise, I'm very happy.

    Also tried the lovely keyhole PJ re-texture. Very pretty and well-made, but since the skintone is built into the texture, it doesn't match perfectly. Even the darkest shade was too light for Mel.

    Eyebrow & PJ re-texture:

    And then yesterday morning I came across this amazing PJ remix. (It literally got me out of bed--I was very cold and scrolling through Tumblr on my phone, and when I saw it, I was like "ok get up.")


    Lot of people are including their .PSD files to play around with the textures, which I'm kind of tempted to do. I did a little of that back in the day with The Sims and the Tomb Raider Level Editor, but haven't tried any texturing/modding in recent years.

    I've also been seeing some interesting companion mods. Darker/DA2 Cass, brunette Cullen... I'm not sure if just a re-texture would work to make Cullen's hair look curlier (might need a new mesh or whatever), but for a supposedly un-moddable engine, there's been some awesome progress.
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    Just a portrait shot of my Inquisitor under the cut. Nothing spoilery.

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    Title: Strategy
    Type: Gen
    Words: 498
    Notes: Early brainstorming about the a potential dynamic between Cullen and Trevelyan; written before I knew what role either really had in the Inquisition. Early shots of a keep in the Western Approach had me thinking Skyhold would be in the desert.
    Summary: Cullen and Melisande Trevelyan talk strategy. [no spoilers; early DAI speculation]

    Melisande Trevelyan stalled mid-step when she slunk by the war room. )


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