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Title: Don't Get Dead
Characters: Ansley Hawke, Lorelei Cousland
Type: Gen
Words: 1826
Notes: Because I have a weakness for ladies looking out for each other and I wanted to see what Ansley and Lorelei could be like at Ostagar. This is totally (to borrow a phrase from ren) AO1 material.
Summary: Somewhat experienced Ansley Hawke offers a little advice and food to Lorelei Cousland during a brief encounter before the battle of Ostagar.

The ruins at Ostagar were unlike anything Lorelei had ever seen. )
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So as a treat to myself for finishing some art, I did some DAO modding and made Lorelei Cousland 3.0 yesterday. I realized she looks a little bit like Rhiannon Hawke 1.0, but whatever. I like how she looks. I got some awesome screenies of her, too.

Playing as her again has got me thinking about what decisions and outcomes I want for her worldstate. The last time I played as her, her game was as "perfect" as much as a PT in a DA game can be. By that I mean she had all her companions with high levels of approval, generally took the least destructive options in major quests (like the Circle helped Connor so no one died), etc. But I kinda want to fuck shit up now.

The one thing I always have a hard time doing is not recruiting all my companions, no matter how many times I've played these games. I feel like I'll miss out on content if they're not there, which isn't even true. I'm actually missing out on content sometimes because I'm not telling them to fuck off.

Like, I love Sera, but I have a hard time justifying Mel's justifications for keeping her around. She'd probably have to go. (I don't even have a tactical reason for keeping her around since Mel is also an archer.)

Anyway, I want to see if I can break that trend with this run. Leave Sten in the cage. Kill Zevran. Do whatever I need to do to not recruit Oghren. Or maybe bring one of them on and then push them away with ideological differences.

I actually did end up killing Wynne my very first PT with Lorelei 1.0 'cause I wanted to see how much waffling I could do between her and Cullen in the pink bubble. There was a limit, apparently, and a limit that meant I was going to lose out on my healer. So reloading happened.

I also want to pay more attention to Leliana this time around. I'm digging the idea of Lorelei being inspired by Leliana's devotion to her faith rather than ridiculing her.

Still not sure about Morrigan. Lorelei 2.0 and Morrigan were besties, but I could see that changing.
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I've been working on moving some of my DA stuff from Evernote to here, focusing on mostly sorting out all the deets to my main canon universe. Working on the timeline is especially fun for me, and I've enjoyed playing around with character profile sheets. (One of my all-time favorite things from my forum RPG days was making character profiles. It's so zen.)

I have a good feel for Melisande as a character, and Ansley Hawke and Daphne Caron are starting to fall into place; my inspo blog has been especially helpful for me working out who they are. I keep hitting a roadblock with my Warden, though.

The biggest problem is that the original Lorelei Cousland ended up being more of a rough draft for Melisande. I didn't realize it at the time, since I hadn't even conceptualized an Inquisitor, but some of the more defining characteristics for her ended up maturing in Melisande instead. Most of my OCs share some similarities since there are just certain things that I like in female characters and want to see more of, no matter how cliché or repetitive or whatever they might be in a greater scheme of things. But I also like variety, and having Lorelei being Melisande Lite does not appeal.

The other main problem is that I get hung up on the nobility thing--I ended up putting a lot of effort into making Mel's nobility work for me because I desperately wanted a "commoner" human--but that I also think there's a lot of untapped potential for a Queen Cousland that I don't want to drop. Not just her existing as Alistair's Queen, which is what I predominantly see in fic, but her being a strong political figure in her own right.

I did temporarily consider moving my Amell into this universe instead, but I also like that a Queen Cousland makes for an easy opening for an Orlesian Warden-Commander in Awakening's timeline. The Wardens had to bring her in because the Queen was too busy doing queen stuff. That's nice and neat.

I'm just kind of stuck trying to figure out who she is now. Did she want to be a Warden? What were her plans before Howe's betrayal? What are her thoughts on the Chantry? Orlais? Mages and magic? What pushes her to move forward after her parents die? What draws her to Alistair? What were her political ambitions to begin with? What gives her the conviction and audacity to name herself as Queen? She's only 22 when the Blight happens--Does she still feel like a kid in over her head?

DAO Modding

Nov. 5th, 2015 09:56 am
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I finally sat down and opened up the DAO Toolset so I could start playing with my Cousland redux. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this morph for her yet, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming out so far. I didn't know this, but you can actually produce a crooked nose using the toolset--It's not super noticeable, but I played with the option anyway.

The big thing I want to do is play with her skin texture, but finding tutorials on how to do that has been surprisingly difficult. I probably need to change my search terms--Most of what I'm getting are already-created mods or information on how to play with the morphs in the toolset. But it's getting close to my bedtime, so that will be an adventure for this weekend.

Links I've found useful so far:
Getting Started at the Toolset Wiki
Tutorial: Dragon Age Toolset Head Morph for PC
This site in general seems to have a lot of good information. I'll probably end up browsing it during lunch tomorrow. There's some info on doing hair mods too that I want to try out.

ETA - Just wanted to drop these here before I forgot:

Dragon Age Modding
Turning a Head Into a CC Preset
Retexturing a Mesh
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Title: Try Harder
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Unresolved Romantic Tension, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1205
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Alistair and Lorelei Cousland bond during a night in the Warden's Keep.

Lorelei's jade eyes flashed open, hearing commotion coming from the larder down the hall. )
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Title: Not Alone
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Hurt/Comfort, Drinking & Talking
Words: 778
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Alistair tries to console Lady Cousland.

“I would have never pegged you as much of a drinker.” )
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Title: Worse Ways to Spend a Night
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Unresolved Romantic Tension, Post-Battle Healing, Drinking & Talking
Words: 970
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Lady Cousland helps tend to Alistair's post battle-wounds.

Arms crossed, Lorelei stared at Alistair as he began unbuckling the straps that held his chest plate to his torso. )


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