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Title: Don't Get Dead
Characters: Ansley Hawke, Lorelei Cousland
Type: Gen
Words: 1826
Notes: Because I have a weakness for ladies looking out for each other and I wanted to see what Ansley and Lorelei could be like at Ostagar. This is totally (to borrow a phrase from ren) AO1 material.
Summary: Somewhat experienced Ansley Hawke offers a little advice and food to Lorelei Cousland during a brief encounter before the battle of Ostagar.

The ruins at Ostagar were unlike anything Lorelei had ever seen. )
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YO this is my JAM.

I mean, I don't know enough about ASOFAI to know the deets of that relationship, but I get the gist of it.

There was something about seeing Alistair and Anora together in DAI that unearthed a lot of feels for me. It was kind of unusual, too, because the circumstances of their marriage would normally put the ship in my "not interested" to NOPE compartments. But at the root, there's something about two people being put in a mutually shitty situation and learning to cope with it and then coming to RESPECT AND DEEPLY CARE for other person that just does me right.

I've never written Anora and have no confidence in my ability to do so, but maybe one day.

DAO Modding

Nov. 5th, 2015 09:56 am
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I finally sat down and opened up the DAO Toolset so I could start playing with my Cousland redux. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this morph for her yet, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming out so far. I didn't know this, but you can actually produce a crooked nose using the toolset--It's not super noticeable, but I played with the option anyway.

The big thing I want to do is play with her skin texture, but finding tutorials on how to do that has been surprisingly difficult. I probably need to change my search terms--Most of what I'm getting are already-created mods or information on how to play with the morphs in the toolset. But it's getting close to my bedtime, so that will be an adventure for this weekend.

Links I've found useful so far:
Getting Started at the Toolset Wiki
Tutorial: Dragon Age Toolset Head Morph for PC
This site in general seems to have a lot of good information. I'll probably end up browsing it during lunch tomorrow. There's some info on doing hair mods too that I want to try out.

ETA - Just wanted to drop these here before I forgot:

Dragon Age Modding
Turning a Head Into a CC Preset
Retexturing a Mesh

cuties ♥

Jul. 12th, 2015 04:27 pm
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I have no chill when it comes to making my Wardens flirt with Alistair. I just finished everything in Lothering and I already have the tell-Alistair-he's-handsome dialogue option. But I'm telling myself if I can have the discipline to wait post-lyrium convo to initiate Cullen's romance, I can wait a while to tell Alistair he's a stud muffin.

I'm debating what order I want to do the main quests in. Normally I do Circle > Redcliffe > Urn > Brecilian Forest > Deep Roads, but I might switch it up a bit.

Maybe I'll knock out Brecilian Forest, first. I know the Fade (which I admittedly skip now) and Deep Roads usually get trashed for being the tedious missions, but the Brecilian Forest is actually my least favorite in terms of level design. I'm not especially fond of the werewolf plot either. Origins definitely feels (to me) a lot more "generic" fantasy than DA2 or DAI, and the werewolf plot adds to that.

Anywho, I think I want to at least get a good portion of whatever quest I decide to do next done before Nevani hits on Alistair again.
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Playing in Lothering & chatting with companions:

  • Being in Lothering always always always makes me think of the Hawke family. Rhiannon, especially. I have so many headcanons about her swimming in the creek and climbing on the ruins and hiking up the slope when she needed to get away from everyone. Places where she and Bethany and Malcolm could safely and privately practice magic. How she interacted with the major NPCs. Has anyone ever made a mod that put Carver and/or Bethany in Lothering? That would be so cool.

  • Ser Bryant, man. ♥
      - I think it's interesting that as a templar/Chantry affiliate, he's very adamant that the Urn of Sacred Ashes doesn't exist. I'm generally curious about templars who join the order because they feel a sacred duty of sorts (like Cullen) or who join because they need money (like Keran) and all the variations in between.
      - I also like when he comments on knowing that a mage Warden is a mage. "I would be a poor templar if I couldn't tell that much." Someone send that boy to Kirkwall.
      - He also echoes the sentiment Cullen makes about templars acting as protectors of innocents even if the enemy isn't related to magic. I imagine for a lot of the average people in Ferelden, ideas like that made the templars a much more sympathetic order.
      - He and Bodahn have different perspectives on Loghain declaring himself regent. Bodahn says it makes sense since his daughter is queen and the kind is dead, which immediately made roll my eyes because of the generic fantasy sexism in DAO (why wouldn't Anora just be regent?). But then Bryant says that it doesn't matter if his daughter is queen and he's a hero because Loghain is a commoner. Not sure if it was intended to be a reflection of cultural opinions (former merchant-caste dwarf vs average templar in a small village) on the matter, but I could accept it as such.

  • The gossipy refugees outside of Dane's Refuge seems to reflect some of what Sera says about how common people feel about mages and templars (basically, that no one brings them up unless something awful has happened):
    R1: Got a cousin in the templars. He says the mages in the tower out on Lake Calenhad are all turning into demons.
    R2: They always say that, though.
    R1: Well, this time it's true. They're not sure what to do about it yet, he says.
    R2: What's to do? I thought you kill them?
    R1: Easier said than done. Mages pick a fine time to go turn into demons, I tell you.

  • I've noticed most of the NPC conversations default to discussions about men when talking about martial positions. "My brother was at Ostagar," "My cousin is a templar--He said," etc.

  • I tend to take Alistair's experiences with/perspectives on templars with a grain of salt since he was never fully initiated in the order (and WoG has said Alistair is wrong about some things), but he said the Harrowing he witnessed involved "putting a demon inside" the girl. Which isn't what Surana's/Amell's Harrowing is--They just get sent into the Fade to see if they can ward off demons. So either this is another case where Alistair is wrong, or whatever Harrowing he witnessed was extra fucked up. D: Also, being "fed" a demon is what happens to Cassandra's apprentice in DAI. IIRC, that's not a survivable thing at all.


Jun. 21st, 2015 03:54 pm
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Nevani probably has the most expressive face of any of my Wardens.

That is a pretty quality "the fuck did I just do???" face.
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I was organizing my screenshots, and I will just never be over how nicely done the kiss is from Cullen's DAO romance mod.

Now someone do the same for Hawke and Cullen pls.
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Title: Circle Life
Type: Friendship, Banter
Words: 286
Notes: Nothing much. Just a drabble after musing on what the day-to-day would be like in Ferelden's Circle.
Summary: Jowan and Karina Amell talk about Circle life. [No spoilers.]

Karina picked at the bread on the wooden plate before her, hazel eyes distant as her fingers worked through the stale loaf. )
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Title: Try Harder
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Unresolved Romantic Tension, Hurt/Comfort
Words: 1205
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Alistair and Lorelei Cousland bond during a night in the Warden's Keep.

Lorelei's jade eyes flashed open, hearing commotion coming from the larder down the hall. )
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Title: Not Alone
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Hurt/Comfort, Drinking & Talking
Words: 778
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Alistair tries to console Lady Cousland.

“I would have never pegged you as much of a drinker.” )
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Title: Worse Ways to Spend a Night
Characters: Lorelei Cousland, Alistair Theirin
Type: Unresolved Romantic Tension, Post-Battle Healing, Drinking & Talking
Words: 970
Notes: One of the very first one-shots I wrote when I started getting into Dragon Age fic. It's embarrassing. Don't read.
Summary: Lady Cousland helps tend to Alistair's post battle-wounds.

Arms crossed, Lorelei stared at Alistair as he began unbuckling the straps that held his chest plate to his torso. )


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