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Title: Untitled
Characters: Rhiannon Hawke, Cullen
Type: Gen
Words: 631
Notes: Some unfinished exploratory/speculative writing from Rhi's POV immediately following the Chantry boom and her Viscount coronation. I can't remember if this led into me thinking about that time with Sebastian, too, or vice versa, but I was kind of enthralled with that particular scene for a week or so last year.
Summary: Rhiannon tries to cope with the aftermath of the Chantry explosion.

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[personal profile] renegadefolkhero and glitterboo are to blame for this:

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And because I'm in a giving mood, here are the non-glitter ones:
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Title: No One
Characters: Sebastian Vael; Cullen & Aveline in passing
Type: Gen
Words: 588
Notes: I completely forgot about this--Something I sketched out in April of last year, probably on a lunch break. A slightly belated addition to my sparse 2015 retrospective.
Summary: Sebastian tries to aid Kirkwall post-explosion.

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So I had a thought last night as I was drifting off.

I've been wanting to flesh out Mel's backstory for a while now, especially as a means of making her feel more woven into this particular universe. A lot of the original, pre-game ideas I had ended up being scrapped with the nobility background (human commoner next game, pls, Bioware)--I'm not a hardcore stickler for canon, but I do like to try to work within certain parameters that we're given when it comes to the origin stories. So the Trevelyans as a noble house sticks.

Dialogue with Josie and a Trevelyan can suggest that they might have met in passing once or twice at a fancy Free Marcher party.

Yanno who else is Free Marcher nobility?

Prince Sebastian Vael

Yanno who are both the third and youngest child in their family?

Sebastian and Melisande

(OMG, and fucking archers. Melisande does not have a super special bow from her grandfather, though. She just likes shooting things. She goes hunting a lot. That's how I justify fennec fox deaths.)

As for what I want to do with that information, I'm not entirely sure at the moment. And I need to dig a little into timeline stuff.

Current rambling thoughts:
  • They have a quick bond over their positions when they're younger
  • Sebastian finds comfort in the Chantry; Melisande absolutely does not
  • Archery competition? Could be some fancy noble get together, could be two noble brats sneaking away to something less formal
  • Sebastian would be around his wooing ladies (and men pls come on, Bioware) and sleeping around phase--Tries to woo her? They have casual sex? Melisande rejects him? Play around with the Sleeps with Everyone But You trope?
  • Adventures of spoiled brats with legit family issues bonding over debauchery

    Hawke (Saura) in this universe let Anders live, too, so there could be room for some interesting ramifications when it comes to Sebastian invading Kirkwall in DAI. I kind of wanted the opportunity to make that more nuanced--Sebastian could be reaching out to the Inquisition as a personal favor if he and Melisande had any kind of past.
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    [personal profile] renegadefolkhero, this one's for you, bb.

    Here we have the mage, rogue, and warrior underarmors:

    And here we have Hawke deciding which one she wants:

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    Just finished Legacy with Rhiannon. Some reflections, rambling, interesting convos & codices, relevant DAI thoughts, and a few screenshots under the cut:

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    I'm playing Legacy with Rhiannon. I named her that on a whim--Just thought it was a pretty name.

    Lots of thinky thoughts as I've been going through all the codices and will share more after I finish the run (probably tomorrow night) but I needed to take a moment.

    Because one of the floor levels is named after Warden-Commander Riannon, who apparently suggested periodically re-enforcing the seals. Which probably contributed to the Wardens seeking Malcolm out.

    Spelling is a little different and Rhi would have been named before Malcolm could have known that (if he ever knew it to begin with), but I had a moment.
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    Rhiannon is on the brain. Just rambling/attempting to organize some thoughts about her life from about a year prior to Kirkwall up to Inquisition. Roughly organized by year. Not all of this is necessarily stuff I want to write in fic-form and a lot of stuff in Acts 2 & 3 are yet to be developed, but just wanted to get the ideas down.

    9:29-30 Dragon [Hot Mess] )

    9:30-31 Dragon [Athrenil & Anders] )

    9:31 Dragon [Act 1 & Deep Roads] )

    9:31-34 Dragon [MotA, Legacy, Other Things] )

    9:34 Dragon [Act 2] )

    9:34-37 Dragon [Between Act 2 & 3] )

    9:37 Dragon [Act 3] )

    9:37-41 Dragon [Between DA2 & DAI] )

    9:41 Dragon [DAI] )
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    Title: Sway
    Characters: Marian Hawke, Sebastian Vael
    Type: Angst, Comfort, Forbidden Attraction
    Words: 1321
    Notes: For this prompt: 22 [slow dancing] Hawke/Sabastian?
    Summary: Hawke finds comfort in dancing with Sebastian.

    Hawke's disdain for Hightown's extravagant parties had dwindled since her mother's brutal passing. )
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    Title: (Untitled)
    Type: Angst, Isolation, Family Tension (WIP)
    Words: 261
    Notes: I had started working on a Lothering/pre-Kirkwall story for my mage Hawke a few months ago, which (d)evolved into thinking about the Hawke family traveling over the Waking Sea. There's a lot between Lothering and the first year of Kirkwall that I want to explore with her.
    Summary: The Hawke family sails to Kirkwall.

    Rhiannon swallowed, or tried to swallow, but the dry clenching in her throat only burned. )
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    Title: Vigilant
    Type: Friendship, Slight Angst
    Words: 1320
    Notes: First draft with minimal edits. I've always liked the idea of Circle!Bethany and Cullen cautiously exploring friendship, maybe with a slight undercurrent of attraction. Also written with the prompt re: formal wear, but kind of strayed from that.
    Summary: Cullen and Bethany watch templars. [No spoilers.]

    All templars took vigil before receiving their arms. )
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    Title: Captured
    Type: Fluff
    Words: 190
    Notes: Bit of silliness inspired by a prompt from this generator (characters get handcuffed together)
    Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon get captured.

    Rhiannon glared at the iron shackle constricting her wrist. )
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    Title: Mages in the Chantry
    Type: Gen, Religious Banter
    Words: 503
    Notes: Lunchtime one-shot from August. I was kind of hung-up on Rhiannon and Cullen talking religion. Might explore the topic more in-depth later.
    Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon Hawke talk about the Chant of Light.

    Rhiannon knelt before the life-sized statue of a golden Andraste. )
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    Title: Spilled Sovereigns
    Type: Gen
    Words: 736
    Notes: Just an exploration of a mage Hawke's work and mindset while under Athenril with a brief appearance of a certain Knight-Capain.
    Summary: Rhiannon Hawke and Knight-Captain Cullen have a brief run-in during Year One.

    “Stop your stallin’, Fereldan. Athenril wants this shipment delivered by noon!” )
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    Title: The Gallows
    Characters: Rhiannon Hawke
    Type: The Gallows, Circle of Magi, Templars, Fear, Imprisonment, Trust, One-Shot
    Words: 949
    Notes: This was actually initially inspired by a prompt about hallways. I guess I decided hallways and Templar Hall are close enough? Idk. Drunk writing that embarrasses me (kind of), but I also still like? IDK. Keeping it here and taking it off AO3. This piece makes me feel weird as any kind of completed work, but I like some of the ideas. idkidkidk lots of idk
    Summary: Hawke's various reactions to the Gallows.

    The first time Rhiannon Hawke arrived at the Gallows, she was certain she’d hurl. )
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    Title: Ferelden
    Type: Gen, Nostalgia
    Words: 315
    Notes: One of many little conversations that popped into my head while I was deep in Cullen x Hawke feels.
    Summary: Cullen and Rhiannon talk about Ferelden.

    Rhiannon Hawke sighed and wrapped her forearms around her shins, drawing her knees to her chin. )
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    Title: Blond Men
    Characters: Rhiannon Hawke, Anders
    Type: Unrequited Attraction, Jealousy, Character Study, Ficlet
    Words: 637
    Notes: More drunk writing I like and hate at the same time. Mostly an exercise for getting more into Rhiannon's relationship history.
    Summary: Rhiannon Hawke liked blond men. And maybe she was a little lonely.

    Rhiannon Hawke liked blond men. )
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    Title: Fair Match
    Type: Friendship, Gen, Fluff
    Words: 756
    Notes: Ripped Fereldan ladies need to arm wrestle. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
    Summary: Rhiannon Hawke and Aveline arm wrestle.

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