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I think most of this was largely addressed or reasonably assumed through some of Gaider's old tweets, but Laidlaw offered some more direct and recent tweets on why it was cancelled: Article here.
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I ended up coming across some of those "give me a star and I'll give you OC facts" memes that I had saved from Tumblr. Found some from my Templar Hawke that I never really developed as much as I would have liked; she was the Hawke I ended up using in Keagan's universe. I don't know that I'll revisit her specifically, but I'm hanging on to these in case I can work them in with someone else (like Daphne):

★ Although Malcolm tried to make Rosalyn Hawke comfortable with magic, witnessing a boy not much older than she was turn into an abomination and slaughter his family stayed with her more than Malcolm’s words. Rosalyn never wanted her sister to go to the Circle as it was, but she understood the need for the institution and templars.

★ Rosalyn Hawke never learned how to swim. Malcolm tried teaching her when she was young, but after a traumatic near-drowning experience, she was terrified to get into water that rose past her knees. The journey across the Waking Sea to Kirkwall was extremely nerve-wracking for Rosalyn, as was just walking along the high cliffs of the Wounded Coast.

Also, I saved my original reaction to the concept art that spurred Mel's development:

also, I’ve yet to find the appropriate words to describe my love for that lady inquisitor concept art with the gorgeous flowing hair and amazing hat and swishy coat

I am so seduced by her

I want her

I want to be her

I want her riding a horse and shooting arrows at dragons like the boss she clearly is

I want her to be super serious about that hat. I want Vivienne to try to make fashion suggestions involving decorating the hat but lady inquisitor is having none of it

I want her to wink at her companions when she adjusts her hat

I want her leaning back in a chair and putting her boots up on a table covered in maps and drinking a stein of beer with ser bara warden

I want her to eye-fuck the hell out of Cullen under the brim of her hat

I want her to trade stories with varric and out bullshit his bullshit and eventually they’re just both telling the most outrageous stories and everyone else is just sighing and rolling their eyes






right now

Pretty much all of that is still true or applicable in some way.

The Veil

Jul. 22nd, 2016 07:44 am
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I hit a mental barrier whenever it comes to anything about the Fade or the Veil or ancient elves. My eyes gloss over whenever I try to read the speculative stuff. I've tended to zone out during the parts with Abelas in Inquisition.

I've just never really cared much about the "big questions." I care less about what the Veil is or where it came from and more about how it influences everyone living during the Dragon Age. I'm not terribly interested in whether the Chantry is right or wrong--Of course they got stuff wrong. That's kind of the point of a lot of related conflict--But I'm less interested in knowing The Truth than seeing how the Chantry's truth influences lives. The origin of darkspawn interests me a little bit, and that does touch on some of the Fadey Veily stuff, but even that isn't a question I would actively pursue in my games or fic. I like not having all the answers. I like considering how the lack of certain knowledge impacts my OCs and the world they're in.

I'm bringing this up because I did read a summary of what we know about the Veil, and it actually stirred my slumbering Dragon Age muse. The bits about how the Veil feels in certain areas? How sleeping and dreaming weaken it? How it sounds when it rips? How elves and humans respond to a weakened Veil differently? This isn't new info by any means, but seeing it all laid out, nice and neat, was just working for me.

It got me thinking about how the Inquisitor would sense the Veil as a result of the anchor. I had always headcanoned that it made sleeping difficult, but I never really specified nighttime=dreaming=weakened Veil as the particular cause. I love the idea of humans feeling heavy and sluggish in weakened areas. How exactly does the anchor make the Inquisitor feel in those places (pre-Trespasser)? More susceptible? Less? Does ingesting lyrium help Templars combat that weariness? How do people respond if they start noticing felandaris pop up in places that it wasn't before? If they start feeling headaches in certain areas?

This kind of stuff is my jam. Just the little details, the way these features of Thedas influence "normal" lives.
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Morrigan was a close contender to Isabela for being my first cosplay efforts. I ended up going with Isabela largely because I figured her outfit would be easier, and since she's curvier, I'd feel more comfortable in it. I had planned on doing Morrigan for Dragon*Con 2014, but a lack of time impeded costume and fitness progress, so I decided to hold off until 2015.

As is often the case, I was not 100% happy with what I ended up doing for D*C '15. Trying to find a bra/bralet that was accurate to Morrigan but still flattering to my figure was a challenge, and I'd like to spend more time crafting the various arm bands. Finding the right shade of lipstick also proved more difficult than I anticipated; the two colors I selected ended up looking far brighter on camera than I had hoped.

I am currently working on her staff, and as we get a little closer to D*C, I'll start putting focus on updating other areas of the costume.

[Entry will be updated as I find new resources, inevitably do a lot of trial and error, and make progress.}

Visual Refs
Concept Art with Front/Back Views [NSFWish]
Left-Side View (Shoulder armor + sleeve)
Close-up of Necklace

- Purchased faux leather leggings with a snakeskin print & boots from eBay
- Purchased a faux leather skirt & fabric from eBay; will be doing lots of shredding and cutting to mimic the "belts"
- Skirt was too big; instead purchased faux leather and created the skirt from scratch
- Created the top out of layered wine gabardine and purple chiffon
- Shoulder piece was created out of Wonderflex, Apoxie sculpt, and feathers
- Arm bands were purchased as is

Black Ponytail Wig @ Epic Cosplay Wigs
The wig required some styling and attached combs to keep it resting comfortably on my head.


Pre-Build Notes

- Debuted at Dragon*Con 2015
- Revisiting pieces for Dragon*Con 2016

WIP Photos

D*C 2015


Mar. 10th, 2016 03:12 pm
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I've been working on gathering some photos for a moodboard for the "daydream" prompt over at [community profile] playersofthedas. Found some nice stuff for Mel so far--Some tasty food, pretty scenery, puppy + boyfriend snuggles, etc.

I was brainstorming what else she might zone out thinking about, and I realized that Mel is one of the things that I (more or less) daydream about. Then it got me wondering if she'd have fictional characters she turn to in need of entertainment or happy times. An OC for Hard in Hightown or something, ha.
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Or at least her gestation, as it were.

Aside from her name, there are really only two things I know for sure about her:

1. She gets promoted to Warden-Commander and sent to Ferelden post-Blight as a means of removing her from the Orlesian Warden ranks. Why, I don't know yet. Lateral promotion or pissed off the wrong person or something. I reeaaallly like the idea of the Wardens during Awakening having some information about Corypheus and the Hawke legacy--Maybe she started snooping around where she wasn't supposed to be.
2. She and bitter Warden Bethany are gonna be The Thing. (oh my goodddddd)

I don't know what she looks like yet. As I've said before, I don't do singular face claims, but Saoirse Ronan's expression and eye color and freckles and big cross here just consumed me. There's kind of a sad determination in her eyes that feels so befitting for a Grey Warden.

I have some ideas from Melisande's early conception (like being from a poor farming family in Orlais) that I might be able to reallocate for Daphne. I also picked at a few ideas for an OC from Emprise du Lion that might work for her--Maybe she was a miner.

I'm very fond of Wardens with shady pasts. Daphne is going to have done something horrible at some point. Maybe not on Blackwall's level, but close. Very close.

I think she's gonna be a sword and board warrior. Daphne is definitely not a mage, and if I create her in-game, I could use an excuse to finally play a warrior in DAO/A.

I'm leaning towards her being pretty religious, especially after seeing that photo tonight. One of the things that reminded me of my original Caron was a lovely ornate makeup compact--I think she'll have a fondness for pretty trinkets. A little indulgence amidst the austere Warden life.

The in-game origin of her character naturally comes from Awakening, but I've also been considering the worldstate she'd be a part of up through Trespasser. My recent resurgence of Alistair x Anora feels has me leaning towards them as the rulers of Ferelden after HoF (Cousland?) sacrificed herself. Maybe a warrior Viscountess Hawke. Knight-Commander Hawke (!!!). Daphne and Bethany could be the Warden contacts, although fuck that Fade business. Solas can stay there and jerk off to spirits or whatever he does.

Anyway! I'm very excited. She's joined the ranks of OCs to get a tag on my inspo blog, so this is pretty serious.
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oh my god you guys

you guys

I've been craving for some rare pair DA couples, and yesterday I randomly got nostalgic for my Caron (Orlesian Warden Commander in Awakening). I never really fleshed her out, but I remember liking her face and generally being interested by the politics of an Orlesian commander in Ferelden under Anora's rule aw yiss.

I was musing on her during my lunch break, and had a "lol how could you ship her with Cullen" moment because my weaknesses run deep, y'all.

but then


F!Caron x Bethany Hawke

Oh my god, oh my god oh my god

oh my god
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I picked up the first issue of Magekiller and the full volume 1 of the Penny Arcade DA comics on Comixology last night. I haven't had a chance to look at the Penny Arcade one yet (planning on a lunchtime read), but I did start Magekiller.

Under a cut for spoilers regarding the first few pages of Magekiller:
Read more... )

I've been curious about the Penny Arcade comics for a while now. I had been looking at Vol. 1 on Amazon, but it was a little pricey for something I was only curious about. Like Magekiller, I don't have high expectations. I just want to see what it's all about.

I've thought about picking up cheap copies of the tabletop books, too, just to see what else they can add to the lore (even if it's not game canon).
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I saw a fun thing: who would your Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor romance if they were in another DA game?

Lorelei Cousland
DAO: Romanced Alistair
DA2: Might like Act 1 Anders, but would probably rivalmance Sebastian
DAI: Of the available romance options, I can't really see her with anyone. Maaaybe Josie, but that'd be a big maybe.

Karina Amell
DAO: Romanced Alistair
DA2: I think she'd be intimidated by Isabela, but would definitely say yes to anything she wanted to do. The blood magic thing would be a deal-breaker, but she and Merrill would be v cute together.
DAI: Man, Idk. Definitely none of the guys, and I couldn't really see her with Josie or Sera. She might secretly pine for Cass.

Rhiannon Hawke
DAO: She'd flirt with Alistair and possibly hook up, but I don't think she'd be long-term with anyone. (Technically I have her with a particular OC right before the Blight anyway, so I think that makes it harder for me to see her with anyone from DAO.)
DA2: Technically no one canonically, but Cullen. For her game, I almost had her go with Fenris so I could get his achievement on Origin, but their chemistry is all wrong. They kind of just tolerate each other.
DAI: Cullen

Saura Hawke
DAO: No one--Leliana would drive her up the fucking wall, Morrigan isn't available, and she's not into dudes at all. Even if Morrigan was an option, tho, I'm not sure she'd like Saura.
DA2: Romanced Isabela
DAI: Probably Sera. She's so young, tho, I feel weird about most of my OCs romancing her because they'd all be 30+ by DAI. I guess if Hawke's age was adjusted to be 24-25ish in DAI, I could roll with it.

Melisande Trevelyan
DAO: None of the canon romances would suit her (Leliana is way too religious, Zevran is just a touch too flirty, and Alistair is just a touch too jokey), but I could actually see her being intrigued by Sten.
DA2: I've headcanoned that she and Sebastian were friends as wee nobles, but I don't think they'd work romantically. Maybe if it were like an arranged political marriage. I could possibly see her with Fenris.
DAI: Romanced Cullen
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The lack of Sandal in DAI was another topic that was brought up at the Dragon Age Q&A at Dragon*Con.

Current rumor was that Sandal had been left out because his voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal (who also voices Matt Miller from SR, among a bajillion other people), had been making ableist remarks at a convention and BioWare didn't want to work with him anymore. I believe this reason was attributed to David Gaider, but doing a cursory search couldn't verify that. Closest I found was Gaider thinking Sandal's portrayal might be considered offensive:

Well, Sandal in Dragon Age Origins was fun. We brought him back for DA2. A lot of people thought it wasn't the same voice actor, but he was. That was Yuri Lowenthal. I don't know what it was, having Sandal just saying "Enchantment!" was adorable. I think as soon as you started having him talk more I kind of got a little bit of the feeling, like we were going somewhere a little uncomfortable to me, almost like we were making fun of mentally handicapped people. He's not mentally handicapped but sometimes he sounds like it. I'm a little leery of what was essentially a bit of a joke, and a lot of people are taking him more seriously than he was perhaps intended, to the point that perhaps he may become more important as a result.

(That article also has some good pre-DAI Cullen commentary, if you haven't read it before.)

However, when Patrick Weekes was asked about it, he said it was just because no one could think of a good plot involvement for him, and they didn't want to bring him back just to say "Enchanment!" a few more times. I suppose there could have been an unspoken "especially because of these concerns," but there was really no mention or implication of that at all. His VA wasn't brought up at any point in the response.

Weekes also didn't rule out the possibility of Sandal returning in future games, just reinforcing the idea that he'd need to serve a purpose beyond enchanting in the games.
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Visual Refs
In-Game Turnaround
Rendered Turnaround




WIP Photos

Costume Photos
Dragon*Con 2014:

Dragon*Con 2013:
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This post got me thinking about what I want to do fic-wise for Cullen week. I've got quite a few one-shots in progress with Cullen that I want to try to wrap up for Cullen Week. I also want to write a few new things for it as well.

DAO - No idea! I've always had a hard time writing DAO-era Cullen to my satisfaction. I'm kind of leaning towards buddy fic with my Surana, but I keep defaulting to playing chess so I need to brainstorm for something a little different. Other templars looking at dirty books about sexytimes magic hiding in the library and making Cullen blush. Or something. I'm sure that's been done, too.

DA2 - Too many ideas! I do want to give my Beth/Cullen one-shot a proper re-write for this week, but I might save that for Cullen + Friends day. I also have an early Act 3, convo with Queen Cousland about Meredith one-shot that could fit, but I think I'll save that for Cullen at Work Day since its largely focused on his responsibilities as KC. I think I just need to start narrowing down some ideas.

DAI - Idk. Might sit this day out as far as fic goes, unless I can think of something that really grabs me. I think I'm still a little soured by certain behaviors in the fandom (a weird combo of Cullenites/Cullen 3.0 fandom and backlash to CPW) so I'd need to find something to really make it my own. Cullen goes ice-fishing by himself at Haven and he's terrible at it and partially falls in but he otherwise enjoys it and the quiet. OR SOMETHING.

Cullen at Work - More than likely my Couscous convo one-shot

Cullen Rare Pair/OT3 - I want to finish my Cullen x Josie smooch painting, actually, so I don't know if I'll have a fic for this day, but I'm not closing it off completely. I could do something with Keagan/Josie/Cullen or Cullen/Warden!Beth/Warden!Alistair. Probably wouldn't go smut, though. I've realized for as much as I enjoy thinking about smut ideas and reading smut, writing smut is not very enjoyable for me.

Cullen + Friends: Taking a shortcut and doing my Circle!Beth and Cullen one-shot rewrite.

Cullen + Family: I have a childfree ficlet in works with Cullen and Melisande that I plan on wrapping up. Maybe something with Mia. We've only had little snippets about who she is, but I feel like I strongly identify with her wrt the older sister thing.
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These are from the DA Prompt Generator--I had a huge list sitting in my Evernote files for a while, and since I was cleaning some stuff up, I figured I'd share them here in case they'd be of use/inspiration to anyone else. Loosely arranged by game.

DAO Characters
Dagna/Sten: nothing's impossible
Cousland/Amell: things you need to hear
Morrigan/Cousland: bloodied knuckles
Cousland/Alistair: you're forgetting one major detail
Warden/Loghain: feelings rather than words

DA2 Characters
Ser Karras/Gamlen: regret
Desire Demon/Macha: behind closed doors
Lady Elegant/Hawke: never saw it coming
Bethany/Norah: paying a debt
Anders/Hawke: plan b
Bethany/Carver: black eye
Sebastian/Hawke: delicious irony
Anders: the cold, hard truth
Bethany/Varric: buried wants
Hawke/Varric: what's the password?
Hawke: at a party
Cullen/Aveline: stand up

Cullen: puppet strings
Surana/M!Hawke: you're forgetting one major detail
Cullen/Anora: so, be brave and want me back
The Warden/Hawke: finding another use for chains
The Warden/Aveline: griffons
Isabela/Nathaniel: leading from the shadows
Anders/Alistair: changing the past
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I remember seeing a conversation across my dash about tagging/warnings in fanfic, and how it can be difficult to acknowledge certain subjects that might be troubling to the reader, especially since the handling of the topic, not just the topic itself, could make the fic nope-worthy.

It made me think of one of my biggest nopes in a lot of stories (fanfic or otherwise): parenthood.

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