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I don't know if this is true or not--It was just a comment I saw in passing on Facebook--But suppppposssedly, Cullen's nickname "Curly" was essentially translated to "Goldilocks" in the French version. What a delight.
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LIKE IT SAYS (no Trespasser spoilers)

Actually, first I need to gush over the new clothing options in Skyhold. I like all of the outerwear options, but these two especially:

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My vacation is officially over, so back to work tomorrow. This week went by way too fast.
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[personal profile] vieralynn mentioned that there is lack of video/media for a certain dialogue option with Cullen in Trespasser, so I decided to fill in the gap.

Link to a YouTube video below; title is possibly spoiler-ish:
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I'm just stopping in very quickly bc the Dragon Age Q&A thing is still on my mind:

Someone asked why Cullen was only available to humans and elves, and both Patrick and Karin Weekes struggled to remember at first, lol. They did eventually say because it was a last minute romance, and that because Cullen's romance had a lot of physical interaction that made his romance scenes more resource demanding (which has been said before, but they explained it a little more thoroughly at the panel). They also mentioned that it kind of served as a lesson to not do that in the future--Romances should be established ASAP in the dev process.

IC reason? Patrick said he "guessed" (exact word) it could be chalked up to Cullen being more comfortable with elves and humans. He didn't expound on that, but I guess it could be attributed to living in a Circle most his life, which Cullen kind of insinuates anyway.

Nothing groundbreaking, but this was the first time I heard an IC reason addressed by WOG.

Also, if anyone has seen the dwarf/Bull romance and played with flycam, this won't be news, but I hadn't, and this was cute: level editor Jessica Campbell was at the panel, and she was responsible for making the kissing scene work. By putting Cadash on a box that pops out of nowhere.

Someone later asked why they couldn't romance Varric--It's because the box technology hadn't been invented yet. ;)

Anyway I need to get ready for tonight, but wanted to share really briefly. I'll post a more detailed report from both panels next week.
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Title: In the Cold
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Relationship pacing/exploration, unfinished/abandoned
Words: 1153
Notes: I actually started this back in December, over my Christmas break from hell and shortly after my first PT with Melisande, but I kept picking at it until May this year. I never finished it, and ideas started to shift a little after I started a new game with her, but I'm posting it to get it out of my head so I can move forward with those other ideas.
Summary: Cullen and the Inquisitor share a conversation in the Frostback Mountains.

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the chess thing is fun and all

but cullen


(cause eat my paunchy ass if you don't think we got upper body strength)

competing with ripped LI at push ups

i have a mighty need
idec who wins

like it'd be amazing either way
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and i don't think i'm over the fact that cullen makes the BJ hand-over-crotch gesture (complete with loose hips for um. anyway) when he tells the inquisitor "i can't say i haven't wondered what it'd be like"

like where is this frat boy shit coming from cullen get it together

(i'm guessing maybe since him grabbing the hilt of his sword is a part of his idle animation that this was like a reduced way of animating that, but u can't hide from the flycam)


Jul. 15th, 2015 10:06 pm
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This scene is so much fun to flycam in bc you really never know who will pop up where. Cullen pretty consistently ends up underneath his opponent's chair or laying seductively across the chess table. However, when it doesn't go awry, we get these gems:

And I


like the way she's leaning back all cool and suave and shit, and he's leaning forward, all clearly interested and engaged. Yaaasssss. <3333
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Title: The Game
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Michel de Chevin
Type: MM, rare pair prompt, flash
Words: 530
Notes: Prompted for CPW's Rare Pair: Cullen/Michel - Political games at the Winter Palace
Summary: Cullen and Michel share a strategic drink at the Winter Palace.

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[personal profile] renegadefolkhero, this one's for you, bb.

Here we have the mage, rogue, and warrior underarmors:

And here we have Hawke deciding which one she wants:

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I was organizing my screenshots, and I will just never be over how nicely done the kiss is from Cullen's DAO romance mod.

Now someone do the same for Hawke and Cullen pls.
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i started writing a hawke/cullen reunite in skyhold thingy today

and i made myself really sad thinking about them professing their love right before adamant and hawke gives him her red sash and then she gets left in the fade



i hate sad shit i hate it so much

but after i pushed the sad aside i was thinking about how fun it'd be to build their post-da2 relationship, with hawke as an agent of the inquisition or something

they're some thoughts that have been brewing for a while, but i figured now would be a great time to start writing them down because i don't have a billion other things, creative or otherwise, that need my attention

anything for cullen x hawke, i suppose ♥
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This post got me thinking about what I want to do fic-wise for Cullen week. I've got quite a few one-shots in progress with Cullen that I want to try to wrap up for Cullen Week. I also want to write a few new things for it as well.

DAO - No idea! I've always had a hard time writing DAO-era Cullen to my satisfaction. I'm kind of leaning towards buddy fic with my Surana, but I keep defaulting to playing chess so I need to brainstorm for something a little different. Other templars looking at dirty books about sexytimes magic hiding in the library and making Cullen blush. Or something. I'm sure that's been done, too.

DA2 - Too many ideas! I do want to give my Beth/Cullen one-shot a proper re-write for this week, but I might save that for Cullen + Friends day. I also have an early Act 3, convo with Queen Cousland about Meredith one-shot that could fit, but I think I'll save that for Cullen at Work Day since its largely focused on his responsibilities as KC. I think I just need to start narrowing down some ideas.

DAI - Idk. Might sit this day out as far as fic goes, unless I can think of something that really grabs me. I think I'm still a little soured by certain behaviors in the fandom (a weird combo of Cullenites/Cullen 3.0 fandom and backlash to CPW) so I'd need to find something to really make it my own. Cullen goes ice-fishing by himself at Haven and he's terrible at it and partially falls in but he otherwise enjoys it and the quiet. OR SOMETHING.

Cullen at Work - More than likely my Couscous convo one-shot

Cullen Rare Pair/OT3 - I want to finish my Cullen x Josie smooch painting, actually, so I don't know if I'll have a fic for this day, but I'm not closing it off completely. I could do something with Keagan/Josie/Cullen or Cullen/Warden!Beth/Warden!Alistair. Probably wouldn't go smut, though. I've realized for as much as I enjoy thinking about smut ideas and reading smut, writing smut is not very enjoyable for me.

Cullen + Friends: Taking a shortcut and doing my Circle!Beth and Cullen one-shot rewrite.

Cullen + Family: I have a childfree ficlet in works with Cullen and Melisande that I plan on wrapping up. Maybe something with Mia. We've only had little snippets about who she is, but I feel like I strongly identify with her wrt the older sister thing.
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Title: Cheater
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Melisande Trevelyan
Type: Double drabble exercise
Words: 200
Notes: Little bit of fluffy banter between Cullen and Melisande, inspired by the chess scene and thinking about ways to pace the development of their relationship.
Summary: Cullen and the Inquisitor play chess.
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Title: Unburden
Characters: Cullen, Rhiannon Hawke
Type: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, OTP Affirmation, Curl Appreciation
Words: 1426
Notes: Cross-post from AO3. Inspired by Reunion. Also kind of a subtle f-you to some neo-Cullenite nonsense.
Summary: Hawke washes Cullen's hair.

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Rhiannon is on the brain. Just rambling/attempting to organize some thoughts about her life from about a year prior to Kirkwall up to Inquisition. Roughly organized by year. Not all of this is necessarily stuff I want to write in fic-form and a lot of stuff in Acts 2 & 3 are yet to be developed, but just wanted to get the ideas down.

9:29-30 Dragon [Hot Mess] )

9:30-31 Dragon [Athrenil & Anders] )

9:31 Dragon [Act 1 & Deep Roads] )

9:31-34 Dragon [MotA, Legacy, Other Things] )

9:34 Dragon [Act 2] )

9:34-37 Dragon [Between Act 2 & 3] )

9:37 Dragon [Act 3] )

9:37-41 Dragon [Between DA2 & DAI] )

9:41 Dragon [DAI] )
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Title: A Tear in the Veil
Characters: Cullen Rutherford, Unspecified Trevelyan
Type: Drabble exercises
Words: 500
Notes: Just moving a pre-DAI release drabble series from AO3 over here. Had been some of my early development/speculation for my first Inquisitor. Kind of unfinished, I suppose, but there was never really a plot or any intent to "finish" a story.
Summary: Varies per 100 words.

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Title: Vigilant
Type: Friendship, Slight Angst
Words: 1320
Notes: First draft with minimal edits. I've always liked the idea of Circle!Bethany and Cullen cautiously exploring friendship, maybe with a slight undercurrent of attraction. Also written with the prompt re: formal wear, but kind of strayed from that.
Summary: Cullen and Bethany watch templars. [No spoilers.]

All templars took vigil before receiving their arms. )
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I remember seeing a conversation across my dash about tagging/warnings in fanfic, and how it can be difficult to acknowledge certain subjects that might be troubling to the reader, especially since the handling of the topic, not just the topic itself, could make the fic nope-worthy.

It made me think of one of my biggest nopes in a lot of stories (fanfic or otherwise): parenthood.

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