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So I definitely hit a little Dragon Age burnout after finishing Trespasser. Seriously--I've clocked about 600 hours in Inquisition since it's release, and probably another 40 between DAO and DA2 since the beginning of this year (not counting the 800 or so in each prior to this year). I love DA to death, but as far as gameplay and mechanics go, I needed something new.

I did break out Tomb Raider 2013. I forgot how fun that game is. And beautiful, especially maxed out on PC. I'm about to hit a part I don't like, though, and I keep just getting really pissed off about ROTTR, so I decided to set that aside for now, too.

I have a few new games to finish or at least start. I still haven't finished Transistor, TWD or the recent Lara Croft title (Temple of Osiris, IIRC), and I finally downloaded Life is Strange but I'm not really in the mood for anything new. I'm also starting to hit a point where I'm just not interested if I can't play a female character, but I'm significantly less interested if I can't create my own female character.

So I gave into the latent urge I had been having to give ME another shot.

First things first, mods:

Mods for ME1 are very limited, but these are pretty much essentials for me:
  • MEUITM - Complete texture overhaul. I remember thinking I didn't notice much of a difference the first time I tried to give ME on the PC a go, but I think that was because I originally played the re-mastered PS3 version. It really makes a difference.
  • SweetFX and ENB - Another graphics/lighting overhaul
  • 360 Controller Support - I believe this only supports 360 controllers as it essentially repairs the limited functionality that was in the base game--If you have another brand, like Logitech, and want controller support, you'll probably need to go the Pinnacle route.

    MEUITM also provides the groundwork to play with other mods. I was tempted to see what I could do about the shitty face textures for f!Shep, but I saw a caveat that said it could take up to 6 hours to get it functioning if you're new to modding in ME. I'll spend 6 hours making Cullen kiss Hawke, but I ain't that invested in Shepard. When/if I get to ME3 again, I might play some more there since it's slightly less complicated.

    General blah-blahing. JIC--I do mention major endgame spoilers for ME3:

    My Shepard has the Spacer/Ruthless background, she's an infiltrator, and I'm going for a high renegade alignment. I think I just filled up the first tier thingy for the renegade section. She has a little paragon, too, which I think is mostly from making heart eyes at Kaidan.

    I like Kaidan, and I remember really liking his romance. Idk if it's just the Shepard I'm playing now or if I was just in a different space when I first played, but I'm finding it a little less satisfying this go? The whole commanding-officer-hitting-on-a-subordinate thing is kind of uncomfortable. I know Kaidan digs on Femshep regardless, so it's not unreciprocated, but I guess it feels a little too like workplace harassment to me. I would like to see the whole relationship across the trilogy, so I'm probably gonna stick it out.


    Because she does have a rapport with Garrus. ME2 might change my plans a little.

    As far as gameplay goes... As a TPS, it's actually very weak. I forgot there's no difference between shooting an enemy's head or torso. Actually, there can be, in that if you shoot an enemy's head sometimes it doesn't count as a shot at all. -_- After coming from Saints Row and Tomb Raider, where you get extra XP for headshots, that was a disappointing re-discovery. Biotics are kind of fun, though.

    I think I'm like the only person in the world who doesn't mind driving the Mako. I've never found it especially difficult to control. I do find the long stretches of geth-infested terrain to be super tedious, though. Shoot a missile, jump when they shoot back, wait for the missiles to reload, shoot again. Get annoyed and run over geth, which doesn't kill/damage all of them. Therum is the worst.

    It is a nice a break from DA's style of gameplay, though. And I'm one of those people who "has" to play DA with a mouse and keyboard (even with DAI), but that's not always the most comfortable. Using a controller lets me sit back and relax a little more.

    I've thought about giving some ME fic a go, see if a new setting will help shake my state of "idk what words are" that I've been in for, like, 6 months.

    But I lack the emotional investment and desire to learn more about ME's lore/worldbuilding, which is a pretty big roadblock. When I first played Origins, it was so easy and fun for me to imagine different scenarios outside of the game. Especially with all the social opportunities provided at the Warden's camp. ME and the Normandy are less inviting for some reason.

    Also, I tried looking for some Shenko fic--Surprise, surprise, I continue to pick the most het of all het sheps. :/ There's a big overlap between the segments of Cullen fandom that make me roll my eyes and F!Shenko. At least so far.

    And while I'm at it: I hate that the most interesting female characters (Miranda, Jack, Tali, mostly. I like Ashley a lot too, but sharing her name kind of immediately made me rule out any romantic interest) are only for male Shepard in-game. I could say fuck canon, but I don't know if I have enough creative brainspace to go playing around that much in a world I'm not terribly invested it.

    I am overall enjoying the experience, though, and I'm actually excited about playing the trilogy through with a single Shepard, rather than out of order and with a bunch of different Shepards.

    Oh, yeah--I knew that Shepard's death was a possible outcome at the end of ME3. I didn't realize that it was pretty much guaranteed, though. I thought it was more like the Ultimate Sacrifice in DAO--Likely, but pretty avoidable. I guess there's only one way to get Shepard to survive, which looks like it requires extra effort. I find unavoidable player-character deaths to be really annoying and unsatisfying (like why the fuck did I invest all this time in keeping them alive if they were just going to die??), but I'm not sure if I'll be up for all that when I get around to it again.
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