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Keeping all this under a cut for romance spoilers, personal interpretation, and OC musing:

So after I made my post yesterday and said I didn't think the dialogue was that bad in Andromeda... I encountered some pretty ridiculous stuff during my hour of playing last night. While talking to an Angaran resistance fighter, the casual option labeled "You're a badass" came up, and I opted to use it. The actual response was Ryder saying, in a tone that sounded more ironic than sincere, "You're my hero." It was very off-putting.

I rarely felt like the dialogue wheel options were misleading in other BioWare games, although I know many did, but I have been kind of taken aback on some in Andromeda. Some of the romance options are seriously lacking in any sort of subtlety. I've flirted with Vetra, Liam (+Jaal, I think, based on the context), Lexi, and Gil.

Vetra's initial exchange is kind of similar to Cullen's first flirt--Ryder tells her she's kind of intense, but that she likes it. Vetra says it's nice to be appreciated and I died a little. <333

So Liam and Jaal are running around naked intentionally trying to offend each other to learn about cultural differences. Well, Liam is shirtless, and Jaal is totally naked.

A romantic-labeled option comes up that says "You two should sell tickets." I thought the sentiment was kind of funny and went with it. What Ryder actually says is "Is this for my benefit? Because I'm benefitting." They explain what they're doing, Ryder can express some doubt, and another heart-labeled option comes up that says something like "Make this good." What Ryder actually says, as Liam goes to put a shirt on, is "Did I say put a shirt on?" It was weird, I was uncomfortable, I wanted to reload, but didn't save beforehand and autosave put me right after that exchange and I had to go to bed.

I might endure some backtracking tonight, though, because I also seemed to have knocked Vetra's romance level down; there's no explicit meter, but she went from saying "I always have time for you" to just "Ryder" when I tried to talk to her after sexually harassing the crew. Which, you know, as she probably should.

With Lexi, Ryder expresses interest in her dissertation and talking about it over dinner. It was kind of overly confident, which can be very hit-or-miss for me, but not as terrible as what went down with Liam. She does tell Ryder that they're not "her type," which to a female Ryder almost sounds like it's getting into the same issues with Cassandra and Cora, but then Lexi elaborates that it's because she's a patient, not because of her gender or race or anything else. But Lexi also seems to have a soft spot for Drack, which I just. I mean. It's sweet, but guys. Come on. He's a patient of hers, too, technically. LET ME WOO NATALIE DORMER THE ASARI DOCTOR.

Gil is actually the gay romance option for male Ryders; I heard there was a bi male option, too, and I thought that was him, but I was wrong. I felt kind of douchey after the fact. Like with Lexi, Ryder goes all in, and Gil says that Liam is more his type (although he apparently thinks Liam is kind of a tool).

Between him and Lexi, it seems like the writing's intention was to shut down any expectation immediately if someone isn't available to Ryder. I can appreciate the motivation for that, but in practice, it comes across as a little jarring. I think I'd rather no heart-options come up at all if they're not available. Awkward rejection isn't the kind of immersion I'm looking for.

I might check out Cora's and Suvi's initial flirts for science, and then reload to get Ryder back on track with Vetra.

I'm still not really sure who Selene Ryder is, but that Liam and Jaal exchange was definitely not her.

One of the menus keeps track of the types of reactions and responses that Ryder chooses most often, which I think could be a useful tool in crafting a consistent character. She's mostly selected the logical and professional choices so far, after Alec really shut down an emotional response to a problem. I think I might let her weave those choices back into conversation as she becomes more comfortable with her role as Pathfinder.

I also took the choices that emphasized she and her father weren't close at all. Not sure how she and Scott will feel about each other. My brother is one of my best friends, but that kind of sibling relationship isn't something I've ever really used for my OCs; I'm not sure if I want to go that route or have more of a Hawke/Carver relationship, if it's even something the player can really craft.

I want to start considering more, too, about what it means for Ryder to have an AI integrated into her noggin. At one point she said that it was an essential part of being a Pathfinder, to have that kind of resource at their disposal, and I think there could be something there to explore in-depth. Apparently Alec's passion for AI and how it could benefit humanity was hugely controversial back on Earth and contributed to his role in the Initiative.
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