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Slight cross post from Tumblr, but it's easier to chat over here so. Yeah. Potential spoilers for Mass Effect 2's ending and DLC.

Anyway, I beat ME2 over the weekend for the first time in about 5 years.

I picked it up shortly after we got our PS3 in 2011. A friend was really into Mass Effect, and I just gotten into Dragon Age a few months earlier--I was interested in seeing what the space version, so to speak. I enjoyed the game for the most part, but even with the Genesis comic there to fill in the context from ME1, I felt like something was lost. Watching the Normandy get obliterated in the beginning is intense, but not quite as emotionally gripping if you weren't aboard for its first mission.

I did all the DLC (I think--I did all the DLC I bought, which I think was all of it). Zaeed's and Kasumi's recruitment/loyalty missions are always worth it, in my opinion. Kasumi's especially. Plus she's a precious space thief and she was along with me the first time I played and I honestly can't imagine playing the game without her.

Project Overload had some good gameplay, and the story presented you with a classic moral BW choice at its conclusion. The ending was kind of mentally/emotionally rough for me, though. Sticking with my renegade guns was hard on that one.

Project Firewalker can eat my ass. There was only one side mission I didn't do, and it was a part of that DLC. Oh, I tried to do it. I had every intention of finishing every mission and assignment available to me. But this one goddamn mission, trying to retrieve 5 Prothean artifacts--Okay, so both DLCs put a fair amount of emphasis on using the Hammerhead transport, which is similar to the Mako but handles a little better (not that it's saying much).

This one particular mission has you navigating acid water and geth to collect 5 artifacts.


I died a couple times after only getting 2 or 3.


After I got past the third one, I tried to save.

Haha. Nope. No saving. You have to get all 5 in one go.


I decided to fuck off and do Project Overlord instead. I beat Project Overlord, went back to this and got to the fourth artifact in this stupid mission, and then lost control of the Hammerhead and it blew up in the acid water.

I seriously have not been that angry at a video game in years. I don't play games to get mad, so that was that.

That little excursion aside, I had so much fun with this PT of ME2 (even if I forgot about the mission timer associated with saving the crew).

Hailey romanced Kaidan in the first game, but Garrus this round. The forehead bump killed me, you guys. I am so weak for the gentle forehead bumps, you have no idea. I'm gonna stick with Garrus for her in ME3--They're definitely a better match than her and Kaidan.

I did create a new Shepard, Meredith, who I'm going to use for a Paragon run, and I think I'll let her be my Kaidan PT as well. Although I think playing ME1 does give ME2 more of an emotional impact, I opted to just do the Genesis comic with her. ME1 is a good game, but it just hasn't aged as well in comparison to ME2. ME2 has a very high replay value for me.

And the early ME3 stuff:

After I finished ME2, I thought about looking into some mods for ME3 since that's the Mass Effect game that really has them. I really wanted to see about finding some new hair for Hailey, but most of the hair for FSheps does not work for me. Shep is coming out of civilian life in the beginning of ME3 so I could accept that her hair might not be military regulation, but I really just wanted a better rendered bun with a less weird hairline. I don't need her looking like a L'Oreal shampoo advertisement.

There were a few that I kind of liked, but I haven't gotten any DLC yet for ME3, and I think I'd rather wait until I get those installs sorted out before messing with too many mods. ME modding is definitely a little more convoluted than with the other games I've tinkered with.

I did get the Xbox controller support, though. The last time I played ME3 I did my best with the mouse and keyboard, but I just need a controller for shooters.

So while I loved how Hailey imported from ME1 to ME2--Her features looked the same, just with better textures--I absolutely hated how she imported into ME3. The default option it imported was awful. She really looks like a little kid playing dress-up as Shepard.

I ended up creating her from scratch and I got kinda close, but I'm still like... Where the fuck is my Shepard? I feel like they tried to make the female faces more "pretty," probably in response to the admittedly lackluster female CCs in 1 and 2, but conventional prettiness was not what I wanted for Hailey.

I've restarted ME3 about 5 times now so I'm gonna stick with that last face, but I am not super pleased about it.

In spite of that, I'm a little sad about starting the end with Hailey. She's really grown on me the past few months.
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